Building the Future

INA provides those passionate about eradicating global poverty an International Development Platform through which you can be informed and involved.  


Our Vision

A just world where all people are treated equally to reach their God-given potential.

Our Mission

We are committed to building innovative partnerships for community well-being and empowering women and children in our work.


What We Do

Global poverty is a complex problem. 

INA, accredited by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), was founded in 1974 to solve that problem, and is a social development goals platform, a window into the world we want to create. It is both:

An information platform through which everyone can be deeply immersed in learning about the whole world and issues that humans are facing, and

 An action platform that provides attractive and effective ways to be part of the solution, not only through INA’s fully accredited development work, but also in their everyday life choices through ethical consumerism and spreading the word.

We currently work in 8 countries in these 4 focus areas: Education, Health, Women’s Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihoods.

INA works with in-country partners to extend our reach beyond our own boundaries and ensure our projects are locally led, locally driven and appropriate to the historical, cultural and social context.


Our Impact (2019/20)

33 Community Managed Savings and Credit Associations with 708 members.

106 Village Savings & Loan Associations with 3,427 members.

32 Self-Help Groups formed with 698 participants.

Groups are saving, giving out loans and share outs to 1,874 people.

10 Farmers Organisations including 2,680 farmers (with 65% being women).

3,358 farmers (64% women) are adopting improved agriculture practices and animal management to improve their livelihoods.

1,467 parents gained knowledge about Child Protection and Child Rights.

733 parents attended campaigns about the importance of quality education for boys and girls, and 20 schools were supported with materials.

13,593 children have benefitted from our support for education and vocational training.

38,694 women and girls participated in safe motherhood and health awareness and
8,884 people participated in health awareness sessions or received assistance.

28,968 babies have been immunised.

7,731 students participated in Health and Child Clubs.

11,802 children and adults have received medical screening and treatment.


We are a child safe organisation committed to protecting children and promoting child well-being through our work.

We are Christian

We are motivated by the example of Jesus, reaching out to the poor, marginalised and oppressed of the world.

We are a voice for the poor, the disadvantaged and the oppressed

We advocate for just actions that bring positive change to the lives of the poor.

We value and respect people of all ages, gender, race and creed

We do not discriminate against any person but treat all equally and with dignity.

We are stewards of natural, human and financial resources

We are transparent and accountable, at all times striving to maximise our impact and effectiveness.

We are committed to empowering local communities

We promote self-reliance and community ownership; participation that is both inclusive and genuine.

We demonstrate integrity and commitment

We are ethical and passionate about meaningful and quality partnerships, both in Australia and abroad.

our Executive Team

David Ensor

David Ensor

Chief Executive Officer

David is the newly appointed CEO of International Needs Australia (INA).  He has felt a calling to the work of INA as a place that is focused on respectfully helping the poorest communities and individuals of the most marginalised areas of the world.

Originally from South Africa – where he ran a successful education NGO working in rural community education and development in the poorest rural areas and correctional services in South Africa for 6 years.  This work was recognised by the then President Nelson Mandela (when presenting him with the Presidential Education Award – one per annum), noting that, “One significant strength… is that, in its endeavour to meet new challenges, it has realised the imperative for re-evaluation, re-invention and re-structuring to ensure its effectiveness in delivery.”   

He has been a Chief Operating Officer and Head of Strategy at Australian universities.   His most recent role has been Director (External Relations) in the South Australian Department for Education responsible for, amongst other things, funding to Special Assistance Schools for marginalised youth, non-government and ethnic and community language schools, higher education engagement, stakeholder engagement and working with key education leader associations to help the associations and departments achieve shared outcomes for education.  David subsequently led the parliamentary transformation program funded by the European Union to support transition of the newly democratic South African parliamentary system.

David currently chairs the University of South Australia Education Futures Advisory Board and serves on the Westminster School Education and Wellbeing Council Committee. 

He holds masters degree in Adult Education with a focus on adult basic education in rural areas of southern Africa – a region with adult illiteracy of over 60%.

Phearak Svay

Phearak Svay

Manager International Programs

Phearak is an interim International Program Manager at International Needs Australia (INA). He oversees INA’s relief and development programs across eight countries in Asia and Africa. Before joining INA, he worked with Singapore-based Asia P3 Hub as Senior Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) and Partnership Advisor where he built and managed multi-sector partnerships across Asia and the Pacific. Phearak has been in the NGO sector for over 27 years, having worked with large organisations such as Save the Children and World Vision in Australia and overseas.
Phearak holds a Masters degree in Integrated Water Management from the University of Queensland, Australia and a Bachelor degree in Education from the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Pam Winstanley

Pam Winstanley

Finance Manager

Pam is a CPA accountant who has worked as a Finance Manager and CFO in various industries including Not for Profits as well as Commercial and Retail industries. Pam has a proven track record of being able to develop and implement efficiencies and procedures for timely and accurate financial and management reporting. Pam also has proven people skills and expertise in IT. Pam is committed to motivating staff to consistently achieve goals and meet deadlines.

Meet THE Team

Back Row: Jenny Nicholls, Krystal Navez-John, Pam Winstanley, Amanda Southwell, Corlien Heijnen

Front Row: Catherine Middleton, Serene Tan, Phearak Svay, Olivia McLardie-Hore, Preeti Anand

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