Gifts in Wills

At INA, we know that our gifts have the capacity to improve poor people’s lives. But what about after we’re gone?

A bequest is your gift entrusted to INA in your will. It’s your enduring legacy in the fight against poverty and injustice for generations to come.

Your Gift for the Future

Writing or updating your Will is something that we often put off doing but it is one of the most important decisions that you can make. That is why we are asking you to make the decision to include INA in your Will.

With no impact on your lifestyle today, leaving a gift in your Will is one of the most powerful ways you can be sure that the vital work of INA continues for years to come.


Why have a Will?

No matter what stage of life you are at, a current and professionally written Will can give you peace of mind. By leaving a bequest to INA you can rest assured that the people and the issues you cared about so much will continue to receive help. If you don’t have a valid Will, or if your Will isn’t up to date, there is a risk that your assets will not pass to your intended beneficiaries upon the event of death.


How your Gift will help tomorrow

Your bequest will (help ) also fund the continuation of our work in support of basic human rights such as the right to a decent education, access to clean water, enough food to eat, mothers and babies that not only survive but thrive, the chance for parents to earn a living to support their families and also taking a stand against injustices and atrocities such as human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. Ultimately our work helps people to help themselves through long-term sustainable change.

You gift will allow our work to continue for years to come.

Some information about Wills

A Will should be current and valid and should:
  • Nominate an Executor – a person (or people, or trustee company) who will ensure that your last wishes are carried out;
  • Clearly state those who will receive your assets – these are the beneficiaries;
  • Discuss and deal with all of your assets – as your Will may be in place for a long time, this is often done by dividing the “residue” (whatever is left over after any specific gifts are made).

A Sample

If you would like to review a sample of what can be included in your Will, see the following example:

I give, free of all duties and taxes (choose one):

1.  the whole of my estate (or  _______ % of my estate), or
2. the residue of my estate (or  _______ % of the residue of my estate), or
3. the sum of $ ________ , or my units/shares in ___________Trust/Ltd, or
4. my real property (or _____% of my property) situated at _________________ having the title reference  ____________________________________ , or
5.       the proceeds from the sale of  ______________________________ * as liquidated by the executor of the estate

(* sale of a specific item such as artwork, jewellery etc.)
to International Needs Australia ABN 84 006 053 229 of 196 Rooks Road, Vermont, Victoria 3133.

Already have Will?

If you have an existing Will and would like to include a gift to INA, you’ll need to complete a Codicil which is a legally binding amendment to your existing Will (this needs to presented to your legal advisor). Chat to us about this if you need more information.

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By taking the simple step of including INA in your Will, you’ll be making sure our work with impoverished communities around the world continues for generations to come. You’ll be helping us continue to lift communities out of poverty and set them on the path towards happy, healthy and sustainable futures.

If you would like to discuss the options available to you please feel free to get in touch with us.

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