World Toilet Day!

Oct 2018

World Toilet Day!
Did you know that November 19 is World Toilet Day?
We may have a chuckle, but having a toilet is something to be celebrated! Not only does it save lives through reducing hygiene-related illnesses, but also enables girls to improve their educational opportunities. 

If a school has proper latrines, 11% more teenage girls will attend. This means more women will receive higher education. And that means later marriages, less children, lower infant mortality, and increased income. What a life-changer!

For INA, addressing hygiene and sanitation issues is a priority. Thanks to wonderful SHE supporters, children are taught hygienic practices like using latrines, using soap, and washing hands before eating and after going to the toilet. Supported schools have water pumps on site for the children to freely use. Unfortunately, members of communities unreached by INA do not have these opportunities.

So, thank you for supporting SHE and the brighter futures of these beautiful young girls!

The INA Story

SHE teaches hygienic practices to children - keeping them healthier and in school.