We celebrate strong courageous women on #IWD2018

Mar 2018

We celebrate strong courageous women on #IWD2018
The theme for #IWD2018 is #pressforprogress.
In Ethoipia our program is giving women the chance to change their lives, influence their communities and give their children the opportunity for a better life.
To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we would like to celebrate women, like Erkale, who have overcome desperate circumstances in their lives to create a happy and healthy life for themselves and their families.
Erkale is just one of the many women who find themselves trying to take care of their children all alone, but unable to earn enough to meet basic needs. After the death of her husband, she was left to try to provide for her eight children alone, working tirelessly in other people’s fields for food or a little cash. Her children went hungry and dropped out of school because she wasn’t able to pay school fees.
To make matters worse, in the effort to utilise her own land, she took a loan for seed which left her crippled with debt at the mercy of high interest. With only traditional farming methods, she had no hope of growing enough to pay it back.
Seeing her heartbreaking situation, Erkale was selected to participate in our program in Ethiopia that has increased the income of vulnerable households, giving them food security and ensuring that their children are able to attend school.
She participated in agricultural training, improving her knowledge and giving her the ability to grow crops on her own land. After receiving an affordable loan of improved wheat seed and fertilizer, she was able to create financial stability, even from a small plot of land, harvesting more than ever before.
Erkale is so relieved to have been given this opportunity;

“Before, I was working most of my time as a daily labourer so my children can live. Now I have reduced my debt, I am not worrying about how to feed my children and I can afford to pay for their school. Now I have confidence my children will survive and do well!”


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