Valuing Women - Dr Shirin David

Feb 2017

Valuing Women - Dr Shirin David

Creating a Brighter Future for Women and Girls in Northern India


The Problem

Millions of women in India live in extreme poverty and experience daily gender based violence and discrimination. Less than half the population of women and girls are considered literate and nearly one-third of girls are forced to become child brides. This disempowerment of women threatens their physical and emotional welfare and also has a profound effect on the health and well-being of their children.

The Solution

For over 30 years Dr Shirin David, a renowned obstetrician, gynaecologist, health educator and development practitioner has been working to improve the lives of women and girls living in extreme poverty in Allahabad, Northern India through:

  • providing microfinance opportunities and vocational training
  • improving maternal and child health care through preventing illnesses and infant mortality in remote villages
  • providing educational opportunities for women and girls
  • reducing gender-based violence
  • engaging with men to build stronger communities

Australian Tour a great success


Dr Shirin’s visit to Australia proved powerful and fruitful. With untiring energy, she travelled throughout Western Australia and Victoria gathering support for the vulnerable people she serves, and sharing her message of the hope being given to women and girls in the poorest areas of India.

Dr Shirin’s stories gave credence to the critical importance of support for both INA’s ChildLink and SHE programs. With your additional support, the incredible life-saving and life enhancing work of Dr Shirin David and her team will be sustained. To speak more about ChildLink and SHE please contact Amanda Southwell on 0404 852 720 or

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