Nepali partner visiting May 2019

Jul 2018

Nepali partner visiting May 2019

Above: Tulsa Sharma, from INA's partner HDCS in Nepal

This April INA is delighted to be hosting Tulsa Sharma, who is making the journey to Australia to share the life-changing work that we are doing in rural western Nepal. For 24 years Tulsa has worked with our award-winning local development partner, HDCS (Human Development and Community Services), to improve the lives of women and children in the remote Lamjung and Rukum districts.

We are looking forward to hearing her powerful and inspiring stories of change and the impact of our work from someone with so much experience working one on one with mothers and children in Nepal!

The need in Nepal
The majority of the population in remote areas of Nepal live in poverty, suffer from various health problems, and experience extreme economic hardship. Women and children living in disadvantaged and marginalised communities are particularly vulnerable, and inequality, discrimination, abuse, child labour and child marriage are common.
Maternal and infant mortality rates are also significantly high in Nepal; due largely to inadequate medical facilities, lack of education regarding pre and post-natal care, traditional cultural practices and poor access to hospitals and birthing centres in remote areas, most women give birth at home without trained medical supervision. In fact, less than 20 percent of births take place in a health facility, and devastatingly, neo-natal mortality makes up a staggering 54% of the country’s mortalities under the age of five.

INA creating a solution
INA’s work with HDCS is vital in working towards reducing the maternal and child mortality rate in the districts of Rukum and Lamjung in Nepal, supporting medical infrastructure and reaching the women and children who are at risk in the communities.
This is done through multiple programs that;
  • Strengthen existing health care systems.
  • Raise awareness in the community of good care and danger signs during pregnancy, delivery, and in the post-natal period.
  • Train communities in good nutrition, sanitation/hygiene practices, and family planning.
  • Improve the accessibility of maternal and child health services.
  • Outfit hospitals and community health centres with equipment necessary
for the safety of both mother and child, including delivery beds, obstetric kits,
and incubators.
Hear from Tulsa
Through booking Tulsa to speak at your service, small group, gathering, business, school or event, you will not only be raising awareness of the plight of women in Nepal, but you will be a part of supporting the solution. Tulsa will be arriving late in April and staying into May (dates TBC).
For more information please contact Amanda Southwell, INA Community Engagement Manager on 03 9877 7177, 0404 852 720, or email

Through INA's work with HDCS in Nepal, women and children have greater access to medical care, including ante and post-natal information and vaccinations.

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