More Than A Vocation

Feb 2017

More Than A Vocation

Over the past six years, we have been working to prevent the commercial and sexual exploitation of vulnerable youth in Accra, Ghana. This project, which was completed 30 June 2016, was designed to help ‘at-risk’ teenagers avoid dangerous and abusive situations by empowering each one with the opportunity to choose their career.

Over the past few years, the local government in Accra has been working alongside our project partner to improve the identification and support of vulnerable children through building the capacity of local city council communities and households.

One of the pathways out of situations of violence, abuse and dangerous dependence is through vocational training. Michael, for example, was recognised by the project as a vulnerable and ‘at-risk’ teenager three years ago. He therefore received training to become a tailor and has just completed his studies after successfully passing his exams. Michael has now started his own tailoring business with a small loan organised by the project. He has a steady flow of customers and further plans to grow his business.

Michael lives with his poor family in the city slums. Without the opportunity and support offered to him through this project, Michael believes he would have become involved in local gangs, stealing and committing internet fraud. Instead, this project has provided the vocational, financial and business training needed to give Michael a highly promising future.

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