Mama Zeifa, helping her community

Feb 2018

Mama Zeifa, helping her community
Living in Uganda can be tough, particularly for women. But INA is working to change this through helping vulnerable women access livelihood training and the resources to start a business.

In July last year, Mama Zeifa was provided with support through our partner in Uganda which enabled her to purchase a number of pigs. One of the conditions was that she must gift two of the baby piglets produced from the first litter to another family in her community.

Now, six months later, she can see the value that the program has in creating community harmony and giving more families in her district the chance to live a better life.

She says of the program, “I thank God that it [her sow] delivered seven piglets and they are now one month and three weeks old!”

She is delighted that she can now help another family with the provision of the two piglets and can see that the program is designed to not only help the whole community, but also be sustainable.

Mama Zeifa is quite an entrepreneur and is now keen on taking the ‘pig project’ to another level. She wants to develop a piggery and increase her pig stocks through breeding into the future. This has the very real possibility of developing into a business for Mama Zeifa that will not only provide for her family’s needs but also feeding back into the community.

She thanks INA and our partner in Uganda and is grateful for the commitment to improving the wellbeing of her family and the people in her community.

INA’s work in Uganda is multifaceted and focusses on keeping children in school, building safer communities, creating sustainable livelihoods, enhancing food security, and resourcing and supporting maternal and child health services.
This is a delightful story that highlights the potential of flow-on effects that are created when we ‘lend a hand’. Mama Zeifa is an example of someone who themselves becomes part of the solution of bringing positive change into the lives of others.

We cheer you on Mama Zeifa!

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