Investing In Lives Breaks The Cycle Of Poverty

Jan 2017

Investing In Lives Breaks The Cycle Of Poverty

Our ChildLink program in Ghana reaches some of the poorest and most vulnerable children in rural and urban areas.

Alima lives with her mother and younger maternal siblings. She is from an ethnic group that traditionally sends boys off to be cattle herders while the girls remain at home until they can be married off. Her father is polygamous and her younger step-sisters are all married with children.

Luckily, Alima was linked by the program from kindergarten through to the end of Junior High School. This gave her the opportunity to complete her education, which her parents would have otherwise been unable to afford.
Alima is now 24 years old and is training to become a nurse. The education she has received through ChildLink has enabled Alima to make her own decisions about her future. She is able to choose her vocation, who and when she marries and the amount of children she will have.

Alima is truly grateful for the opportunities she has been given. She feels that being sponsored to complete her education has made her believe that she is worth being invested in and has helped her realise her abilities and potential.  Alima is now confident she is in a much better position to support herself and her family for the future.

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