INA sends medical help to flood affected Nepal

Nov 2017

INA sends medical help to flood affected Nepal

In August this year Nepal suffered widespread flooding and landslides triggered by the heavy and continuous rainfall, leaving 143 people dead, many injured and thousands displaced. Those affected, forced to flee their homes, were met with many challenges including access to shelter, food, healthcare and safe water.
Through the support of our generous donors INA has been bringing relief to communities in Rukum that were devastated by the flooding and the aftermath. Working with our award-winning partner, Human Development and Community Services, we have been facilitating medical teams to reach many with first aid and medical advice, medicine, emergency food, and clean water.

Camps were set up to make health services available where the people would otherwise have had dangerous journeys to access any medical assistance. Many of the areas that were reached people already face tremendous difficulty in accessing heath care, with flood-induced landslides making the trip near impossible.

These health camps not only provided emergency relief, but also supported the long-term mission of basic sanitation, hygiene and health education, supporting pregnant women, and giving people the knowledge and encouragement to lead healthier lives.

At the camps people were taught about how to prevent post-monsoon epidemics like diarrhea, dysentery and other diseases that occur though contaminated food and water, giving them the skills to prevent outbreaks. Vaccinations were also offered to children and pregnant women, and sessions on topics like reproductive health, and oral health were run to address family planning and personal health and hygiene practices.

INA would like to thank our major donor donor, Mission Enterprise, who contributed specifically to this cause, as well as those who support our work with women and children on an ongoing basis in Nepal. Ongoing support means that INA is able to support more women and children receive the medical care they need regardless of the weather conditions.

People gather to receive emergency relief and medical assistance.

Children participate in Oral Health sessions at the medical camp, learning about taking care of their teeth!

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