Empowering caregivers to prevent exploitation

Aug 2016

Empowering caregivers to prevent exploitation

International Needs Australia has launched a project in Ghana to economically empower the caregivers of vulnerable children. This helps these dependants avoid violent, abusive and dangerous situations and allows sustainable and healthy change in their lifestyles.

Madam Anistina is one of these caregivers. She has ten children, two of whom are her own and eight grandchildren. Anistina sells a local maize-based porridge to earn a living. Through her involvement in economic empowerment activities for the past three years, Anistina has been given access to micro-loans. This has enabled her to slowly increase her production and subsequent profits. Anistina also received training in business management, family planning and health and hygiene through partaking in this project. Anistina keenly participated in these training sessions and has already managed to incorporate many of these lessons in her daily life.

As a result of this project, caregivers such as Anistina have more money and knowledge available to them to look after their family. They are much better equipped to look after their dependants' educational and nutritional needs. This project also greatly minimises the chances of the children of these caregivers living in unsanitary conditions and being sexually or commercially exploited. 

(Please note that this project came to completion on 30 June 2016)

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