Country songstress Missy Lancaster supports SHE

Feb 2018

Country songstress Missy Lancaster supports SHE

Missy Lancaster, country songstress, beautiful person, and new SHE Ambassador tells us a bit about herself, her music and why empowering women is important to her.

“If females across the globe can come together, we can change the world. I’m so excited to begin my partnership with INA and hopefully encourage others to join the movement.”

Missy Lancaster may be only 22 years old and from the small country town of Picton in NSW, but she has a big spirit about her and, already, she has topped the Australian country music charts with her debut album ‘Piece of Me’ and latest single ‘Forget’, currently sitting at #2. Signed to Sony Music Australia, and a 2017 CMC New Australian of the Year Finalist, there are big things coming up for our new SHE Ambassador Missy!

While Missy had early musical influences from her dad like John Williamson and Slim Dusty, and Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks from her mum; it was fellow Australian singer-songwriter Kasey Chambers that ignited a real passion for music.

Introduced to music at a really young age, she recalls, “I can remember being particularly drawn to country music and the storytelling element of it. Everyone has a story to tell and I think country music can teach and inspire us to grow, learn about ourselves and be better people.”

More than just writing catchy songs, Missy wants her music to be a positive driving force, helping people navigate through life’s challenges and understand what is important.

“I hope as an artist I can be a positive role model for young men and women; it is a tricky time discovering who you are as a person and sometimes it can be lonely. I know when I was feeling down in my teenage years, music was my “go to” and it re-assured me I wasn’t the only person who felt that way.”

“I really hope people can feel connected to my stories and songs.”

It is through these stories, showing the power of collective strength and spirit of change that Missy wants to impact young women to think about what other women around the world are going through every day.

“I believe it is so important to be helping other young women in the world. It breaks my heart that so many girls are not in school and learning. Child marriage is so common, it’s devastating to think that 1 out of 9 girls in developing countries will be married by 15, and many of them don’t make it through childbirth because of lack of understanding and resources.”

“We cannot overcome poverty until everyone has equal rights – that’s why I believe the SHE movement is such a powerful way to create change.”

“The SHE movement resonates with me on such a deep level; I can’t imagine living in those kinds of conditions, and not having opportunity and hope for the future. It inspires me because by lending such a small hand and using my voice and songs, doing what I can, I can potentially change the lives of so many.”

Soon, Missy will be travelling to Uganda with INA to visit our program on the ground, and meet some of the women who have been benefiting from our SHE program, through access to education and vocational opportunities.

“I’m so excited - Africa has been on my bucket list for a while now, and I’m looking forward to talking with young women and hearing their stories. Even having a few sing-alongs!”

“I love that I have this opportunity to work with INA. I believe that we all serve a higher purpose, and it’s a beautiful thing when we all can come together and serve a helping hand, no matter how small.”

“The SHE movement will enable disadvantaged young girls to grow into healthy, strong women with opportunities to lead their nation. I’m so excited to start this journey with INA.”

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