Essential Healthcare In COVID-devastated Nepal

Reaching into remote communities to help mothers and babies

Nepal Has Been Overwhelmed

New cases of COVID-19 in Nepal have risen by more than 2500% within one month.

Sadly, infant deaths have increased by three times during COVID lockdown (from 13 to 40 per 1,000 live births).

And births in Nepal’s health facilities are down by 49.9% when compared to figures before COVID lockdown.

Maternal and Child Health in Remote Nepal

In Western Rukum, INA works with Human Development and Community Services (HDCS) to provide Maternal and Child Health care. This includes prenatal and postnatal care such as check-ups, Safe Motherhood classes, newborn care, promoting delivering in a health centre, COVID preparedness and much more.

This is done through Social Mobilisers and Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV), with oversight from HDCS. These women help reduce the risks and mortality rates of mums and babies in remote Nepal – some up to two days’ walk from a health centre. As hospitals are overrun and under pressure, they can provide frontline support.

Help disadvantaged mothers and babies receive necessary healthcare… even during COVID!

Donate now to MULTIPLY and strengthen the work of Social Mobilisers.

Nirmala Is A Social Mobiliser At The Frontline

Social Mobilisers like Nirmala play vital healthcare roles in remote communities – particularly for disadvantaged women and children.

Through her work, Nirmala supports women in preparing for birth and educates them on why they should seek institutional deliveries (in a hospital or birthing centre).

Social Mobilisers also train and mentor new Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV). A Social Mobiliser provides FCHVs with technical knowledge on promoting Safe Motherhood classes, referrals and community health issues.

Right now, Social Mobilisers serve as frontline health workers… and their duties are becoming more and more critical every day. Because of COVID-19 and Nepal’s lockdown, mums are scared or unable to visit hospitals or health clinics for prenatal check-ups, delivery or postnatal care.

Bishnu Educates Her Community

Bishnu is a Female Community Health Volunteer. Her role is strengthened by INA’s Maternal and Child Health project that is run by our partner, HDCS.

Bishnu notes that through her support from the project and training by Social Mobilisers, she has gained valuable knowledge around danger signs during pregnancy, the importance of prenatal and postnatal check-ups, and the benefits of immunisations and institutional deliveries.

All that she gains through her training, Bishnu is able to pass on to the community where she works. This benefits mothers-to-be, mothers and children greatly.


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