A Little Taste of Nepal

March 26, 2019

Nepal, Beautiful one day. Perfect the next.

by: Pri Fernando
March 26, 2019

Dear Friends,

It is just over three months since Christmas and it feels like yesterday. Not sure if it is the modern pace of life or my personal manic work and personal workloads. INA offers all of you a “window to the world we want to create”. Therefore, every time we visit the projects you support, we want to share with you the amazing journey your support is enabling in the field.

Krystal Navez-John, INA’s International Programs Manager, has been to Uganda and Ethiopia in the last 4 months, and has recently returned from Nepal. Catherine Middleton went to Allahabad, India in December, and just last month to Myanmar and the Philippines. I personally visited India and accompanied 4 Brave Women to Nepal in February this year.

Those of you who support those individual countries will receive special communications from us shortly about the amazing work that is happening on the ground. So much rich and positive impact is enabled through your generosity, that neither words nor photos can capture and do justice. So, apologies for giving only a taste of the immense, exciting transformation on the ground.

I accompanied 4 women in partnership with Brave Consulting to visit the project in Rukum in association with the Mission Hospital managed by the Human Development and Community Services (HDCS), a local Christian NGO. The support you give through appeals leverages 1:5 to the value of the Australian Government grant, as the Nepal project is through Australian Government funding. I shared quite a bit in my August 2018 Newsletter. However, this is still having a deep impact on me personally – just as it did on the women who visited.

The pristine beauty of the Nepali countryside is in stark contrast to the harsh living conditions in Chaujahari/Rukum where the Mission Hospital is based. The Mission Hospital is not easily accessible by paved roads. As I shared last year, we had to climb down a ravine, cross a suspension bridge and climb a high embankment on the other side while kind young men carried our luggage. The compassion and care at the hospital by the Director who has lived there for 10 years without proper holidays – serving both day and night – made us humble. The furthest village in the project is 2 days walking as no wheel transport is available. Yet the selflessness of the staff, health workers and community women were a real testament to resilience and the unconditional love of God for all humanity.

You will find more reflections below by some of the women who visited. I sincerely hope that all of you will be encouraged that your support is matching the Australian Government grant 1:5 and having such a wonderful social impact on some of the most vulnerable in Nepal.

God bless you,


PS – Just a little note for all ChildLink supporters. From now, please do not use your surname on communication with your Linked child. This is for everyone’s safety – personally and digitally. I hope you understand.

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