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Getting Started…

to keep things simple – we do the heavy lifting

Get in touch with us

  • Let us know you’re interested –  click on the button at the bottom of this page and “Register your Interest“.
  • We will get in contact with you and explain the logistics and some costs that need to be covered.
  • You select a start and finish date for the program to run.
  • We will then provide you with everything you need to get started (e.g. videos, resources, charts).
  • You introduce Just Like Me in your classroom lessons (or at an assembly) using our resources (the children take home some information for mum and dad).
  • We’re approaching the start date – every child gets a receipt book to Raise Funds so they can get started on their fundraising activities.

Let’s ‘kick off’ the program

  • It’s start date – you kick off Just Like Me (typically at a school assembly).

  • Your school kids now Raise Resources from friends and family members for approximately 1 month (we suggest at least 4 weeks – but you can determine the time).

  • After Raising Resources is finished, the children bring all their receipt books and donations to school (where they are collected – ready for INA to receive).

  • Next comes Challenge Day

It’s Challenge Day

  • Today your kids will live simply – eat simple food, use water carefully, forego use of ‘screens’ (computers, phones, tablets, etc).

  • INA trained staff will lead your school kids through immersive workshop experiences where they will touch, feel, taste and learn what it’s like to be a child in a developing nation.

  • Normally Just Like Me concludes with a celebration assembly – where INA receives the gifts that have been gathered for children overseas.

About the creators

Just Like Me has been created, written, designed and produced by professional educators and assembled in-house at the offices of INA, a non-government overseas aid and development organisation.

We provide those passionate about eradicating global poverty with the tools to be informed and involved in the task of providing brighter futures for those with the greatest needs.

We’ve put together Just Like Me to help make primary school aged Australian children aware of other cultures, the similarities and differences between themselves and their peers in impoverished countries, and to provide opportunities to fight poverty, injustice and human rights abuses.

Just Like Me is a not-for-profit “development awareness” and “community education” project created by INA.

Just Like Me does not promote any religious or political views.

Raise Funds

This is the fundraising component of the program. We will provide you with fundraising kits (receipt books, info sheets) for each child to take home. They gather gifts from their parents, grand-parents, uncles and aunts (issuing receipts from their receipt books) to sponsor them for the upcoming Challenge Day. Kids are introduced to Just Like Me by teachers using the resources that we will provide you with (e.g. brochures, videos, etc).

Gift Gathering occurs over a month period and is typically kicked off at an assembly. Kids receive Just Like Me receipt books, plus information sheets for their parents (donations can be made online on INA’s website and count towards a child’s total).

After one month, the children will bring their ‘gathered’ gifts and completed receipt books back to school prior to Challenge Day.

The Challenge Day

(do stand-alone or combined)

The challenge is for kids to eat simple foods (e.g. rice, vegetables, etc), think carefully about water use (retrieve water from outside taps) and go without electronic devices for the day (e.g. phones, computers, tablets, fitbits).


(do stand-alone or combined)

We bring everything needed for our interactive presentations where we introduce kids to what life is like for children in developing nations. They will meet Phoebe from a village in Uganda and spend a day with her through videos, pictures and story-telling as she lives a normal day in her rural village.

All kids will then join in an immersive set of activities that replicate Ruth’s life – they will fetch water, do washing and cleaning exercises, and even attend a ‘bush’ school classroom. Schools can also do the hands-on workshop as stand-alone activity for $10 a student.

Register your interest in the program.

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