Just Like Me is our flagship education program designed to help Australian school kids (1) understand the issues of global poverty and (2) learn how, together we can all create a better, brighter and more sustainable future for everybody, everywhere.

It is a complete educational package – immersive, instructor led, clear and simple learning. Each participating child will be personally challenged to get activated, involved and to think about children overseas in context to their own lives.

It will excite and motivate your school kids

WHY just like me?

We believe every child has the right to a safe, healthy, educated future. Education represents the hopes and dreams of families throughout the world. It is the key to ending poverty, but globally, 58 million children do not have access to a basic primary school education.

When children are not in school, they are denied the opportunity to create a better future for both themselves and their families. 

When parents are uneducated, they are less able to provide the basic necessities for their children. Simply put – education has the power to break the poverty cycle.

Your school’s involvement with Just Like Me will help INA expand its work among poor communities overseas, ensuring more children are protected and able to access basic education and healthcare.

WHat is just like me?

Gift Gathering

It is one thing to teach kids about poverty – it’s another thing to get kids activated to meet the needs of poverty. Gift Gathering is an activity that kids take part in – their task is to “gather gifts” (i.e. donations) from family members and friends. Gift Gathering occurs over a month and is finalised prior to Challenge Day.

Challenge Day

This is the day that your school kids will stand with kids around the world who live in tough circumstances, suffering the effects of poverty. For the whole day, kids will eat simple food (e.g. rice, vegetables), think carefully about their use of water and go without electronic devices (iPhones, tablets, PC’s). Challenge Day includes an interactive Workshop.


We operate interactive, instructor led presentations where kids are introduced to life for children in developing nations. They will meet ‘Ruth’ and spend time with her (through videos, pictures and story-telling) as she lives a normal day in her African village. The kids will then participate in immersive activities that mimic Ruth’s life (e.g. fetching water, washing, cleaning and attending a bush school class). Can be run as a stand-alone activity if preferred.

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Operate Just Like Me at your school or organisation without INA’s involvement. Simply purchase the resources you need to get started. And feel free to get in contact with us if you need any advice – we’re here to help.

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