Sri Lanka
Location: Mullaitivu District
Project : Ensuring the Rights of Children Through Empowering Women and Strengthening Communities
PARTNER: International Needs Lanka
Sri Lanka is rebuilding itself after 30 years of civil war. Amidst hope for the future are the persistent after-effects of the war, especially in the North, where the majority of casualties were. It is estimated that 100,000 people were killed and close to a million displaced. Mullaithivu district still shelters thousands of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) due to unsettled land issues. The struggle and pursuit of safe, dignified lives continues. Poverty has significant impact on children and families. Allocation for housing is insufficient, and the majority of citizens only have ¼ to ½ acre of land, which is hardly sufficient for growing food. This leads to food insecurity, and is a major contributor toward irregular school attendance for children.


Ensuring the Rights of Children Through Empowering Women and Strengthening Communities

Goal of the Project

International Needs Lanka is funded by ChildLink and SHE supporters.

To mobilise, motivate and equip the community to be proactive in addressing their identified issues. To improve access to information through reading, listening and searching capacities of children, adult women and men.

This will be done through the Self-Help Group approach:

  • Increased income through improved livelihood options
  • Increased food security
  • Improved children’s school performance
  • Improved access to safe drinking water and improve sanitation
  • Eradicate violence against women and children
  • Improved relationships within families and communities
  • Increased the community’s capacity to handle community issues through improved leadership and management

Progress Update (from July’19 until Dec’20)

  • 20 Self-Help Groups for women have been supported with around 500 members in total. The groups are being trained by the Program Manager and Social Mobilisers from their community on Self-Help Group management, leadership, loans and financial record keeping
  • 360 Self-Help Group members have been granted loans due to collective advocacy and credit. The loans were used to buy poultry or cattle, for education and small business activities
  • 32 families received training on peanut cultivation and peanut seeds to plant so they can earn an income
  • Self-Help Groups organise to conduct hygiene tasks like cleaning the playground and village roads
  • Over 550 children participated in Child Club activities, where they learnt about Child Rights and have a safe space to play together
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