Sri Lanka
Location: Mullathivui district
Empowering Women and Children
To mobilise, motivate and equip the community to be proactive in addressing their identified issues.

Sri Lanka is rebuilding itself after 30 years of civil war. Amidst hope for the future are the persistent after-effects of the war, especially in the North, where the majority of casualties were. It is estimated that 100,000 people were killed and close to a million displaced. Mullaithivu district still shelters thousands of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) due to unsettled land issues. The struggle and pursuit of safe, dignified lives continues. Poverty has significant impact on children and families. Allocation for housing is insufficient, and the majority of citizens only have ¼ to ½ acre of land, which is hardly sufficient for growing food. This leads to food insecurity, and is a major contributor toward irregular school attendance for children.

Goal of the Project

To mobilise, motivate and equip the community to be proactive in addressing their identified issues. To improve access to information through reading, listening and searching capacities of children, adult women and men. This will be done through the Self-Help Group approach:

  • Increased income through improved livelihood options
  • Increased food security
  • Improved children’s school performance
  • Improved access to safe drinking water and improve sanitation
  • Eradicate violence against women and children
  • Improved relationships within families and communities
  • Increased the community’s capacity to handle community issues through improved leadership and management

Project Impact

Indicators of success for this project will include:

  • Incidence of abuse or violence reduced by 60%
  • Decrease rate of school drop-outs by 80% in three selected communities
  • 10 organised, structured and functional social groups among children, women and men
  • 80 women engaged in rotational leadership within their Self-Help Group
  • More than 100 children have improved knowledge of child rights and protection
  • 50% of Self-Help Group members have improved their savings by 80%
  • 80 homes have access to water and hygienic facilities and practices
  • 25 people gain skills in first-aid and home remedies, first aid kits given to those who receive advanced first aid training
  • 60 children and 15 families have access to psychosocial services

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