Location: Volta, Greater Accra, Upper East Region Ghana
Project: Education Child Protection and Health
PARTNER: International Needs Ghana
Education is a basic right every child is entitled to under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Aside from being a universal human right at the individual level, education in all forms, formal and informal, is a critical determinant of the well-being of present and future generations because it enables people to: understand and modify their environment and therefore better cope with life’s circumstances; choose healthier diets, behaviours, and lifestyles; develop their income generating capacities and create more work possibilities; seek quality health care for themselves and their children and thereby facilitate improvements in health status and life expectancy; and enrol and see their children through school and thereby interrupt the processes of inter-generational poverty transfer. International Needs Ghana (INGH) has been involved in the provision of quality education for children in deprived communities since 1993, when it established a school in the Amrahia community.


Education Child Protection and Health

Goal of the Project

This project is funded by ChildLink and multiple International Needs partners. The aim of this education project is:

  • For 19,250 children to have access to basic and senior high school education,
  • To support 2,300 children in public and partnership schools,
  • Improve academic performances in 14 public and partnership schools,
  • Enhanced good health among 3,501 children in partnership schools,
  • Safe spaces and guidance provided for children and parents to receive counselling to prevent school drop-out.

Progress Update (From Quarter 3 of 2019/2020)

  • 10 schools have been established since the first school in 1993, 2 INGH model schools and 8 partnership schools,
  • 10 public schools and the education of the children in these schools are supported,
  • 5,576 children have been enrolled in basic and senior high school,
  • 344 senior high school students and vocational trainees were given support,
  • Clean water and one hot meal a day was provide for children in INGH schools,
  • Positive hygiene habits were promoted at 2 schools in the Tongu district and students created handwashing songs in their local dialect to reinforce their learning,
  • 1,555 children were screened for diseases like malaria or anaemia.

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