What We Do

Who we work with

We at International Needs Australia provide help and support to targeted groups in developing nations around the world – they are:
  • Children
  • Women
  • Community Groups
  • Mums and Babies
We also work within schools to educate Aussie kids about the effects of poverty on other children around the world. 

Why we work with these groups




Children are the most vulnerable group in the world who need our most complete and unconstrained help. If we look after children well, they will grow into caring adults who can help create a better world. We’ve seen it happen first-hand and so can you.



Women around the world continue to suffer from discrimination, oppression and marginalisation. The reasons why are based in ideas that exist in cultures, traditions and religions. Ideas are powerful and can liberate or enslave. We work to use different strong ideas to help liberate women from their circumstances and their poverty.


We work with local communities to bring about change for the better. Improving a community enables us to bring positive change into the lives of everyday people - whether it's fresh water, education or new agricultural practices.

Mums & Babies

Pregnant women continue to die during childbirth while infant mortality is tragically high in poorer countries. Most of these deaths are completely preventable with basic medical and health services.

Aussie Kids

We work to educate Australian kids within schools everywhere through our Just One Day program. When we educate Aussie kids it breeds potential champions all around our nation – children being taught to care and help other children is just a great ‘win-win’ activity.  

How we do it

We partner with local ‘in-country’ people. They have the knowledge, language and relationships needed to influence positive change in what are sometimes complex situations. By working with us they get to grow and retain the expertise and experience of the development activity.

Our partners are talented people with aspirations to be agents and advocates for the poorest and most marginalised people in their countries. They are great people to work with – they just need someone to help them, help others! And that’s where we come in.

Our development programs seek to help people understand the issues that act as ‘roadblocks’ in their lives and communities. These can be things like attitudes, beliefs, opportunity vacuums and resource deficiency. Once clearly understood, strategies can then be tailored to best tackle the issues at hand. These might take the form of education, micro-loans, creation of health clinics or the drilling of water wells.

Simply put

We provide the tools, resources and opportunities to transform lives and communities for the better.