Valuing Women


Transforming the lives of women

It is an unfortunate reality that women around the world continue to suffer from discrimination, oppression and marginalisation. The reasons why are based in ideas that are entrenched and cultivated within races, religions, cultures, ideologies and traditions. These ideas are powerful and are used to enslave women when they should be used to liberate them.
We at INA work to help lift women from the circumstances that keep them trapped in a life of misery and despair. We seek to challenge the underpinning ideas of gender discrimination and provide the resources needed to create new lives for women – free of poverty, oppression and marginalisation. It’s challenging but it’s incredibly rewarding work!

You can help us do more.

Your ‘one-off’ donation or your recurring gift makes our work possible.

The Good News

Helping women and girls means they can:
  • Escape poverty
  • Learn to read and write
  • Undertake more education or training
  • Start a business, become self-sufficient and provide for their family’s needs
  • Raise healthier children and send them to school.

Welcome to SHE

  • SHE is a movement. It is inspired and powered by a rising determination to rid the world of the injustices we see affecting girls and women around the world today- including female genital mutilation, forced marriages, sexual slavery and enforced servitude, discrimination, poverty, disease and sickness.
  • SHE aims to assist, support and ultimately liberate women through the programs and projects we fund and operate (in cooperation with our in-country partners).
  • SHE educates girls and women;
  • SHE trains communities in equal rights for women and girls;
  • SHE highlights the importance of child protection to communities;
  • SHE provides access to health services;
  • SHE trains women in vocational studies;
  • SHE provides loans and resources for improved livelihoods.
SHE transforms thinking. SHE liberates.

Get Involved with SHE

How You Can Help

It’s a simple truth that we cannot do this without the help of you, our supporters. The more you aid us with your financial support and gifts, the more girls and women we can help. If these issues matter to you, then we invite you to get involved.
  1. Commit to a monthly gift for a woman living in poverty through our SHE program, or
  2. Make a one-time donation to women’s issues.


Here are three reasons why your regular giving to SHE is a great way to fight poverty.


You provide stable financial support for women and their families.


You help meet their physical, emotional and vocational needs through loans, training, education, counselling and support.


You help build the nation and community in which women live as they will share their new information and experiences within their communities, so others benefit from the training, education and new knowledge.

What Your Gift Will Do

What your gift could provide for the lives of marginalised women:
  • training in relevant work skills; assistance in education and adult literacy giving the opportunity to learn how to read and write; the opportunity to learn a trade (e.g. hairdressing, dressmaking, weaving or modern farming); the opportunity to be trained in higher wage earning vocations (e.g. teacher, nurse or doctor);
  • access to learn new business skills to help earn an income; access to receive a microfinance loan to start a business;
  • health education to help stop preventable diseases and deaths (especially in infants and newborn children);
  • training in nutrition, health and hygiene allowing mums to better care for herself and her family;
  • training in maternal health resulting in reduced complications during childbirth for both mum and baby resulting in the reduced deaths of delivering mums and reduced deaths of newborn babies;
  • healing, counselling and support from past trauma and abuse (for women that have been victims of domestic violence, human trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation);
  • an income for life to support her family; SHE women have the means to feed, clothe and educate their children.

There is no better satisfaction than knowing that you’ve helped transform and save a life through your participation.