Educating Aussie Kids

Just One DayIn 2016, International Needs Australia launched a fundraising and educational program called Just One Day. It has been designed by Australian teachers specifically for Australian primary school students.

The program aims to educate children in Australia about the needs of children living in poor communities, while also raising much needed funds to assist INA in their work.

Kids helping kids is a great outcome from the Just One Day program. And it’s just one of the reasons we are so passionate about bringing the program to your school community.

The other major reason is of course the joy of seeing young kids come alive to the needs of others. It’s a powerful force that creates the champions of the future.

A Thoughtful Package


Just One Day is a combination of activities:

Get Educated – The Presentation


An instructor led presentation to students which educates the children about the needs of children living in poor communities (water quality and accessibility, sanitation, food security, gender issues, lack of opportunity, lack of education, child labour). This leads to the next activity – Just Like Me

Get Educated – The Workshop Activity


We call the immersive workshop experience, Just Like Me. We bring all the items and equipment into your school allowing the students to experience life as a child in a poor community experiences it every day. The students will experience water collection and cartage from ‘wells’, they will clean dishes and clothes by hand, sweep areas using traditional brooms and they will attend ‘school’ in the open using chalk boards.

Get Active – The Fundraiser Activity


The fundraiser is an important part of Just One Day as it aims to give both students and schools the opportunity to contribute to the work of INA. Students and their families are encouraged to live simply for Just One Day by turning off technology, eating simple foods and using water thoughtfully. The students seek sponsorship by parents, family and friends to reward their efforts.

The Cause


Globally, 58 million children do not have access to basic primary school education.

According to UNICEF, half of all children out of primary school worldwide are from Sub-Saharan Africa, where 55% of those out of school are girls. In Sub-Saharan Africa, girls can expect as little as five years of schooling in total, and those who do not enrol into primary school by the age of 10, will most likely never attend a school in their lifetime.

Education is a vital element in sustainably reducing poverty. The UN estimates that 170 million people can be lifted out of poverty if all students in poorer countries had basic reading skills. When the underlying barriers to education are removed, it brings about positive changes in the community and nation as a whole.

School Curriculum


Just One Day has been formulated in response to the many questions raised by students and teachers alike, ‘What else can we do?’ Through Just One Day we are responding to the desire of schools, students and teachers to do more and to engage practically with the serious global issues afflicting children in poor communities around the world today.

This program has been carefully designed to complement the Australian Geography Curriculum, Civics and Citizenship Curriculum, as well as the mandate to educate our children to become globally aware Australian citizens.



We’d love to hear from you if you have questions, so please get in touch. Check out the Just One Day website to sign up for the program or to read more.


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