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Did you know the tea bag was invented by accident? In 1908, tea merchant Thomas Sullivan sent tea leaves to his clients packaged in silken bags. Customers mistook these bags for tea ‘infusers’, placing the whole bag into the pot. And the rest is history!

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New Zealand Stepping Closer To Gender Equality

New Zealand has taken a step closer to pay equity with the recent passing of the new Equal Pay Amendment Bill. The Government, Business New Zealand and the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions have all been working toward achieving pay equity in the nation, particularly focusing on the process of claim resolution.

New Zealand employers were already obliged under law to ensure equal pay between men and women in the workforce. However, the Bill is set to help achieve pay equity in historically female-based industries, in order to receive equal remuneration to men. By setting guidelines around comparing pay between men in similar roles to women in female-dominated sectors, the Bill is designed to make it easier for workers to collaboratively agree on equitable remuneration with their employers. Consequently, workers who do not wish to take their claim to court can now attempt to resolve the issue through mediation.

It is hoped that the Bill will create a “modern and more effective system for dealing with pay equity claims” and bring the nation a step closer to gender equality.

What additional steps do you think can be taken towards gender equality? To read more about the Bill, click the button below.

Destination USA


Hita Gupta, a 15-year-old from the USA, began delivering handwritten notes and puzzles to a nursing home at the onset of the pandemic. Prior to Covid-19, Gupta was a regular visitor of the nursing home, and even organised trivia and bingo for the residents. However, after being told visitor restrictions were in place, Gupta was concerned the residents would experience loneliness and anxiety as they were no longer able to see their loved ones. To help the residents with this ‘new normal’, Gupta started to send goodie bags, which included a “puzzle book, adult colouring book and colouring pencils” intended to “stimulate their minds and keep them occupied”. Gupta has already delivered care packages to 23 nursing homes in Philadelphia, and will continue to give back to the community until the pandemic is over.

To read more about Hita Gupta, visit the link below.

Destination India

Teachers in the Indian state of Kerala have been helping migrant children receive an education. With the onset of the pandemic, migrant labourers and their children have been left stuck within India’s borders, unable to return home. Amongst these families, ten children have had to live under a bridge with their parents who are migrant labourers. However, a group of teachers from St. John Bosco’s UP School have transformed the childrens’ ‘home’ under the bridge to a makeshift classroom. The teachers became inspired to help after realising that not all children have the resources to attend online classes due to school closures. As a result, the teachers have been downloading classes on their laptops and providing the children with drawing sets to help them keep up to date with their education.

Want to learn more about this amazing initiative? Head to the link below.

Destination Mozambique

The Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique is helping to reduce gender inequality whilst simultaneously providing more opportunities for local farmers. The Park runs a girls club education program, with their main goal to keep girls in school. The club provides literacy and numeracy classes, along with discussions about women in society. These classes and talks have allowed young girls to understand the opportunities they can have, such as pursuing an education. Additionally, with the help of employee Neila Manjata, the Park has been providing seedlings to local farmers and communities. By providing the seedlings, more farmers have been able to sell their own coffee and develop sustainable businesses.

To read more about the National Park, head to the link below.



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