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Have you ever noticed that each ‘c’ in ‘Pacific Ocean’ has a different pronunciation? Just another example of the English language’s complexity. Try sounding it out slowly and you will notice the sounds of ‘S’, a hard ‘CK’ and the ‘SH’ in ocean.

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Giving Females a Voice through COVID-19

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the quality of life and the rights of women around the world. One study looked at COVID-19’s impact on females across 14 countries. It found that the majority of women were struggling to continue their education and were feeling unprecedented levels of stress due to isolation. Unable to access safe contraception and health information, millions of additional pregnancies, child marriages, cases of female genital mutilation and a massive 31-million cases of gender-based violence are anticipated due to lockdown-related disruption.

In the Philippines, one Senator has called to appoint a ‘homemaking’ mother to their task force against emerging infectious diseases to assess the impact on women and families. Senator Imee Marcos highlighted the impact on healthcare workers, the majority of them being female, and how women become “default caregivers who are usually uncompensated”. By promoting a mother to the task force, where women are largely outnumbered, women and homemakers would have a voice in policy making and reporting.

Societal norms decide that girls assume the majority of unpaid domestic labour which affects their opportunities at work and in education. With these hurdles in mind, what are some ways women’s voices can be heard and protected at home to assure progress in equality isn’t lost? You can read more at the link below.

Destination Finland


In bringing attention to International Day of the Girl Child on October 11th, a 16-year-old girl filled the position of the Finnish Prime Minister for a day. Finland is a world leader when it comes to championing women’s rights. Their PM, Sanna Marin is female and the world’s youngest leader. This year, the event is addressing technology’s role in perpetrating gender inequality. Like in politics, when it comes to using or developing technology, females are largely underrepresented. In a joint statement, Ava Murto and the PM highlighted harassment as a leading issue for women online and discussed how people in Finland can support change.

To read more about Ava’s parliamentary takeover and why this is so important, go to the story below.

Destination Philippines

A stingless bee, native to the Philippines, is being used to bolster coconut and plant yields sustainably, while keeping local women employed through lockdowns. Kiwot bees can increase harvests by up to 80%. Farms like Luz-Gamba Catindig’s create a bee-friendly environment which boosts production and increases plant and fruit durability through typhoons, the greatest threat to agriculture in the area. While they create less honey than Western bee species, Kiwot bees produce propolis, a popular ingredient in beauty products. Improving the environment for the bees has created a steady stream of work in a time where global economies are taking a hit with lockdown measures.

To learn more about pollinator-friendly farming and its many benefits, check out the link below.

Destination Switzerland

For the first time, the World Trade Organisation is set to be directed by a woman. The two selected finalists are South Korea’s trade minister, Yoo Myung-hee, and a Nigerian finance minister who was educated at Harvard, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Since its creation in 1995, the WTO hasn’t had a female director-general or a representative from Africa at its head. Both women were chosen from a group of five people and have been commended for their impressive qualifications and experience. The leader is expected to be announced in November.

To read more about the WTO and this momentous step forward, go to the link below.



Today is World Food Day! While travel might be out of the question for a while, that shouldn’t stop you trying all the amazing food on offer from around the world. Follow Jamie Oliver from Mexico to France and all the places in between to find recipes from many different cuisines.

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