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Did you know that at the start of spring the sun in the North Pole skims the horizon before welcoming months of constant daylight? At the same time, after the sun scans the horizon, the South Pole enters up to six months of total darkness.

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Digital Platform Uniting Women with Words

Fuzia is an online space which fuses women’s empowerment with creativity. Initially developed as a writing club, co-founder Riya Sihn teamed up with Shraddah Varma to give an unbridled space for women around the world to improve their writing and to connect with others.

Women are largely underrepresented in creative arts industries, where the risks outweigh the potential rewards of publishing. In developing nations, creative pursuits are a last priority behind family, career, and financial security. Over “80% of the 100 most popular novels were written by men”, according to Wordery in 2019, and a different study found that “the three leading literary publications devoted less than 40% of their coverage to female authors”.

Eight years since Fuzia went live, the website has a following of over 4 million people. Fuzia hopes to close this gap further by providing a dynamic environment to create, and to offer business training and experience to help women build sustainable careers in creative arts.

Riya Sihn and Shraddah Varma wish to break social boundaries women face in creativity and at work. What are some ways women in the arts can be supported and have their voices heard?

Destination Malaysia


The Buddy Bear helpline has become the first one its kind to officially become available in Malaysia to children looking for help. It was developed to support children in Malaysia who have restricted access to mental health facilities while the world is shut down. Trained volunteers lend a caring ear and provide appropriate help to young people struggling with feelings such as stress or loneliness. Founder, Pam Guneratnam says, “The wonderful aspect about the helpline is that the child is able to recognise that something is not right and is seeking help for themselves, which is a healthy response”.

Around the world organisations are finding new ways to deliver care where it is needed. To read more about Buddy Bear, head to the link below.

Destination Hungary

The one million euro Körber Prize for European Science has been awarded to Hungarian scientist, Botond Roska for his game-changing ‘gene-editing treatment’ which may restore sight by reprogramming cells in the eye. Retinitis pigmentosa is a cluster of genetic disorders which affect one in 4,000 kids, causing degenerative blindness in childhood. Roska’s hopeful treatment re-codes genetics to create photoreceptors which register light to produce vision. He said that, “for the time being, the process creates a level of vision similar to watching television in black and white”. This award is the Hungarian’s fifth scientific acknowledgement since moving from music to medicine.

To read more about Botond Roska, his award and research, head to the link below.

Destination Afghanistan

A new proposal in Afghanistan will allow women to be named on official documents. In the greatly conservative country, using a woman’s name is considered offensive. Women are often left unnamed on official documents, children’s birth certificates, wedding invitations and upon their own gravestone. Their husband or father’s name is used instead of their own. The proposal has been accepted by the Afghan Government, but still needs to be voted upon by the ‘country’s male-dominated parliament’ and their president. Despite the “obstacles in getting the draft law approved… I believe that a tireless struggle can lead us to change and beyond,” said Marian Sama, parliament member and activist for women’s rights.

To read more about this story, head to the link below.



Join Phillip Island’s Live Penguin TV at sunset to watch the famous Phillip Island penguin parade from the warmth of your home. Phillip Island is home to one of the largest colonies of fairy penguins in the world, and now anyone can watch them waddle home online every evening.

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