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Did you know it’s not 2021 in Ethiopia? Due to a differing belief of when Christ was born, there is a 7-8 year difference to the Gregorian calendar, resulting in their current year being 2013. Also, the new year begins on August 29 or 30 each year.

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How should we approach education in a COVID-normal world?

2020 has been a year where teachers have had to bring new skills and learning strategies to online classrooms. Teachers have been stretched and challenged as they aim to reach their students from the other side of a computer, trying to accommodate for their learning, engagement, wellbeing and participation in class. Even though last year was tough, new types of strategies have been introduced and implemented to further enhance learning today.  It has been suggested these learning approaches and access to funding will build upon prior learning opportunities and strengthen student’s wellbeing in this COVID-19 era.

Some of these strategies consist of the opportunity for students to become more independent in their learning or include even greater parental involvement, especially for low socio-economic communities. Others would like to see an increase of communal support for students, as well as using varying sources of technology for learning, the development of flexible learning in unprecedented times, and greater support provided from the government for the education system.

Such approaches to teaching have been strengthened throughout this challenging time, where the community strives to develop flexible and efficient education in such a time as this. Other than these suggested strategies and support, what other needs have you seen in the education community which are not being met? Is there a way in which it can be addressed?

Destination Bangladesh


Martial arts makes both your mind and body strong, allowing you to take steps that you wouldn’t have taken before”– Santwana Roy

Bangladesh over the last year has had a dramatic increase in child marriages in reaction to the sudden lack of education due to COVID-19. Now, nearly 40 million women in their early 20’s, have been married under the age of 18. Santwana Roy was almost one of these girls. Santwana instead avoided child marriage and had the opportunity to study at college where she became acquainted with marital arts. After many national competitions, she was invited to compete in Taekwondo at the South Asian Games for Bangladesh where she won gold. Now she helps to build the confidence of other girls through teaching them self-defence. Click the link to read more.

Destination Russia

Women in Moscow who are entering or currently working in the workforce have been granted access to an extra 260 jobs as of the beginning of 2021. Previously, women had been restricted from working in over 300 fixed jobs due to the exposure of danger and high-risk environments. After continual debate and protest for change, women have been able to succeed in reducing the ‘list’ which limited the opportunity and possibilities of work for all women. This means women can now become train drivers in Moscow! Click the button below to read of its impact on women.

Destination Kenya

It is estimated that 500 metric tons of plastic is created each day in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, only recycling a small percentage of it. Gjenge Makers Ltd. works to eradicate plastics and recycle them into sturdy concrete pavers, and would eventually like to build bricks for their community. Nzambi Matee, its founder, is passionate about efficiently and effectively recycling plastic waste in order to create a cleaner and more sustainable environment, while also solving companies’ costly problem of disposing their waste. For their incredible effort, Gjenge Makers won the Young Champions of the Earth 2020 award for Africa.

Click the link below to learn the process of producing concrete pavers utilising plastic and sand, and how Gjenge Makers Ltd. aim to develop more building products for the future.




Snow. All who have had the opportunity to either see or experience snow can describe it in numerous ways. Some say it’s beautifully white and magical, while others perceive it as cold or wet. But would you ever liken it to fairy floss? This is how it has been described in Fermanagh, at the old Castle Archdale. Click below to have a look at the extraordinary site!

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