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Will Vanuatu Value Female Representation in Their Elections?

The importance of female representation in government has been brought into the spotlight, as the people of Vanuatu are due to take to the polls later this week for their parliamentary election. With the last woman being voted into parliament in 2008, the country’s representation of women in government is out of touch compared to the rest of the world. The country stands as one of only three nations with not a single woman in parliament. However, as the people of Vanuatu prepare to take to the polls, female activists and candidates are striving to ensure women join the 52 elected MPs. 

This week, 15 women are running for a place in parliament. It is hoped by many in the country that this election will ensure all voices of the community are equally heard, and independent candidate, Leitousei Kalkoa, predicts the 2020 election will bring an attitudinal shift toward how women are perceived in society by men. 

The question that stands is what does this mean for the future of Vanuatu, and for issues pertaining to women? Will an increase in female parliamentary representation further break down stigmas attached to women in leadership? 

Click below to learn more about who is running for the election and the importance of female representation in Vanuatu.

Destination Zimbabwe

The combination of extreme poverty and an impending worsening food crisis is an all too real fate for the children living in rural Zimbabwe. Over the past few years, Zimbabwe has undergone a stark rise in poverty, resulting in increased food prices. More than 75% of children living in rural Zimbabwe are living in extreme poverty, and half of all children do not have access to quality food. The crisis facing these children, however, does not start and end at Zimbabwe’s borders. The food crisis is affecting approximately 45 million people in Southern Africa. The main contributors to the crisis are climate change and the worsening natural disasters arising from climate change. The question of what can be done to lessen the effect of extreme poverty and food insecurity is one which must be answered soon, or the impact of climate change on rural communities will be set to only worsen as time goes on.

Click on the link to find out more.

Destination India

The organisation Sanitation and Health Rights India (or SHRI for short) is equipping rural India with clean water and sanitary bathrooms. Sometimes, people in India have no choice but to go to the toilet outside due to highly limited access to toilet facilities, considerably impacting hygiene in the nation. In order to reduce and eventually stop open defecation, SHRI’s sustainable bathroom facilities are hoping to be the answer to this prevalent health concern. As well as taking a step forward for safe hygiene practices, the initiative is hoped to counter women’s vulnerability. Women in India often spend long periods of time in search of a bathroom to use at night. However, with SHRI’s initiative, members of the community, female or male, will be able to safely access bathroom facilities.

To know more about this amazing movement head to the link below.

Destination Japan

You are no doubt being inundated with news surrounding COVID-19. Schools in Japan, as with many other countries across the world, have closed temporarily to reduce the rate of contamination. With the use of online gaming, an elementary student and his friends in Japan are refusing to let the global pandemic impact the fun they can have together. The group of friends designed their own graduation ceremony with all the trimmings including speeches, music and diplomas by using the popular game, Minecraft. The boy’s father took to Twitter to share the fun the group of friends were having, in order to brighten up the news surrounding self-isolation. 

To read more on this story, and watch the graduation ceremony in action, click on the link below.


With many supermarkets around the country selling out of many food staples, we may need to get a little bit creative when it comes to meals. Using only 5 ingredients, this sweet potato and black bean chili is a fantastic solution to your ‘what to have for dinner’ dilemma. With preparation and cooking time all under 55 minutes, you can’t go wrong with this recipe. 

Head to the link below to start cooking.

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