Tears Of Joy As Linked Child And Supporters Meet

November 16, 2021

By Ananya Sehgal, university intern with INA

“It comforts my heart knowing that they are willing to support me. I felt very blessed to have them in my life.” – John Kenneth, Linked Child Philippines

In September 2021, INA had a special online event with our partner in the Philippines, Vineyard.

This virtual meetup was truly inspiring and touching for all those that were there as it gave us an opportunity to hear from those that are both supported by this project and those that support this project.

Linked child John Kenneth was able to meet his supporters for the very first time. While fighting back tears of joy, John Kenneth spoke about how grateful he was to finally meet the people who had been supporting him, and for all the help he had received from this project.

My heart wants to burst out in joy [every] time I have an actual conversation with them,” John Kenneth said when talking about his Linked supporters, Peter and Barbara.

I want to make them proud and when I become a successful man in the future, I want to tell them one day that I am the product of their loving and generous heart,” he said.

Peter said that it was a privilege for he and Barbara to finally make face-to-face contact with John Kenneth.

We were filled with excitement waiting to see his face appear on the screen,” Peter said.

After talking to John Kenneth and listening to his future goals, ambitions and how he is making full use of all the support provided to him, Peter and Barbara said that they had no doubt that their monthly contribution through INA’s ChildLink program “is going towards supporting a young man who will grow to make a significant difference to his community.

Although John’s story was emotional, it was also inspiring to all those that attended this virtual meetup. There were many tears, and it was a true example of the outcomes that INA strives for.

By partnering with INA and ChildLink, you enable children like John Kenneth in vulnerable communities to achieve their dreams! You can play an essential part in changing the lives of children for the better and support them in becoming strong and resilient individuals.

Visit www.ina.org.au/childlink for more information on ChildLink.

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Pictured is John Kenneth from Vineyard’s ChildLink program, who joined us for this online event and got to meet the family that has been supporting him.

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