Help provide 500 free medical treatments AND 100 food packages for Nepal’s most vulnerable

Right now, Nepal’s poor are slipping further into poverty due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the pandemic’s economic impact, poor families are slipping further into poverty and struggling to afford their basic needs like healthcare and food.

31% of Nepal’s population relies on foreign employment. Those working overseas were sent home, local workers lost their livelihoods, and many incomes have dried up.

Without work, without income, losing hope and unable to afford their family’s basic needs… Nepali women, men and children simply can’t afford to get sick… and certainly can’t afford to be treated.

They need YOU right now!

Description: Medical staff provide COVID-safe medical check-ups and treatment to patients. Credit: Human Development and Community Services (HDCS), Nepal

It costs just under $16AUD to enable our partner, HDCS, to provide free medical treatment for one poor community member. And, $38AUD to supply a family with a Basic Food Package that includes vital items like rice.

Your generosity will help HDCS to care for…

  • Marginalised, disadvantaged or disabled community members (particularly women) who
    already struggle to afford basic healthcare and food needs,
  • Those that have lost work during the pandemic and cannot afford treatment or food,
  • Returned migrant workers that have lost their overseas contracts and are now unemployed.

INA is looking to raise $10,000AUD to cover 500 medical treatments and 100 Basic Food Packages
to those struggling in Nepal.*

How many will you cover? Please give today.

Food is being distributed to vulnerable patients.

Description: HDCS staff at Chaurjahari Hospital pass out food packages to vulnerable women. Credit: Human Development and Community Services (HDCS), Nepal

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*Your donation will support this urgent response. If this response project becomes oversubscribed, donations will be directed to similar projects.