Nepal 2019 Emergency appeal

Please help those suffering in Nepal today.



Your Urgent Help Is Needed!

Partner: Human Development and Community Services (HDCS)

After a monsoon recently hit Nepal, flooding, landslides and health issues have affected the land and people.

HDCS is already working to give medical equipment, treatment and expertise in INA’s project areas of Lamjung, western Rukum and Chitwan.

Problems occurring in our project areas include:

  • Higher incidence of wounds and accidents due to the heavy rainfall
  • Skin-related issues
  • Snake bites from snakes leaving their underground nests
  • Diarrhoea and water-borne diseases
  • Dirty water for drinking and cooking
  • Sewage systems were destroyed as well as buildings and roadways, and
  • Eating of dead fish which could cause further health issues.

Through your help, HDCS can run health camps, where medical staff can see people, tend to their ailments and raise awareness on how to prevent outbreaks of diseases. They can also help to purify drinking water with chlorine tablets, hand out free medications and distribute sanitary pads.

Each health camp costs $3,896. Three have already been funded, but INA and HDCS would love to fund another six.

Will you give now so that the people of Nepal can be healthy and safe in the face of this natural disaster?

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