INDIA 2019 Emergency appeal

Please help those suffering because of floods in India today.



Your Urgent Help Is Needed in Allahabad!

Dr Shirin David and Pervez David from ACTS are appealing to you to help the communities they serve in Uttar Pradesh, whose capital is Allahabad.

Heavy rainfall and floods have severely damaged this area in September – and the poorest and most vulnerable children, women and men are suffering.

With your help, their basic needs can be provided for as they begin to be restored and rebuild. Your generous donation will help with these necessities:

  • Dry food rations like grains, rice and lentils to distribute to around 350 children and their families
  • First Aid kits and other medicines for the flood victims
  • Buckets for collecting water and covering to reduce risk of water-borne diseases
  • Health education classes to teach how to purify water from hand pumps using tablets (from the Government)
  • Replace damaged property that Shirin’s team rely on for their usual project activities.

Please donate generously below to help vulnerable women, children and families in Allahabad.

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