Christmas appeal 2019

Please help protect a child like Myra in Myanmar.

Because kids that are safe can experience Hope and Joy this Christmas.




My name is Chit*. My granddaughter, Myra*, was helped and protected when her rights were violated, thanks to an INA-supported Community-Based Organisation (CBO).

One of my daughters (Myra’s mother) borrowed money from my other daughter (Myra’s Aunty). But when she couldn’t pay her back, she ran away. This left me to care for Myra and her brother, along with my son who lives with me. Myra’s Aunty wanted her money back, so she came to our village to take Myra many hours away to work as a housemaid to pay off her mother’s debt. Myra was very upset. She cried and felt heavy-hearted and sad when she was told to work for money.

Myra’s Aunty had no interest in her education. So Myra was set to work as a housemaid and stop going to school. I was not happy that Myra might not receive an education. I was worried about her future. Because I have seen the good that our village CBO was doing, I knew right away that I could turn to them for help. The CBO took action, calling a meeting between them, Myra’s Aunty, Karen Women’s Empowerment Group project staff and myself.

The CBO requested that Myra be sent back home to continue her studies. Her Aunty argued that she still had a debt owed to her, and that Myra should work hard to earn that money for her. Myra’s Aunty could have been accused of violation of child rights and child law. When she heard this, she asked the CBO to support Myra and agreed to bring her back! 

Everyone was pleased and satisfied with this result and for the promise of education and support for Myra. After the 2019-2020 summer school holidays, Myra will attend Grade 8. Our family was supported by the CBO to breed chickens. So, now we have a livelihood AND an income … and Myra will have the good education that she deserves!

– Chit, Myra’s grandmother


 * Names have been changed to protect the child and those close to her.


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