YOU can impact a woman, a child, a community in Sri Lanka… when you give by

30 June!

Meet Vijaya

A married, 26-year-old mum of three children, living in poverty in Sri Lanka.
That is… until her husband left her – deserting her and their children.
Vijaya struggled hard to make ends meet. There was never enough money or food to go around.
Vijaya went to bed hungry many nights – alone and under immense pressure to provide for her children.
Until… Vijaya heard about a Self-Help Group for women, and leapt at the chance to join!

What is a Self-Help Group?

Self-Help Groups give women a place to come together to learn, fellowship and grow.
Women learn about finance and savings – personal and as a group. Out of group savings, emergency needs or investment opportunities can be met, as well as providing for children. Women learn leadership skills, livelihood training – to be self-reliant and live with dignity. They learn about hygiene, nutrition, child rights, child protection… and so much more!

What happened to Vijaya?

When war broke out and armed forces swept through, everyone had to leave everything behind. Upon returning home, Vijaya discovered that her Group’s savings were completely gone. And all that the women built together had simply vanished.
BUT… nothing could stop Vijaya – who strongly believed in women’s groups and their benefits to her, her children, the women members and their community.
Vijaya rallied members to rebuild their group, helped other groups reform and started new groups as well. So far, she has helped all 15 Groups now in Sri Lanka!

Just as Vijaya has sown into these Self-Help Groups, YOU can sow into them too.

YOU can help them lift their families out of poverty.

What YOU can make possible, with your gift by 30 June!

First Aid Training

Provide First Aid training for 5 community members

3 Training Modules

Enable 3 training modules for a women’s Self-Help Group

Train 3 village Child Protection Committees

Train 3 village Child Protection Committees to monitor vulnerable families

Community Social Mobiliser

Support a community social mobiliser to support Self-Help Groups and Child Clubs for a year

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