URGENT: India is in crisis because of COVID-19


Help provide relief aid to vulnerable communities in India that are badly affected by the pandemic

How is India Suffering?

India is absolutely devastated by COVID-19 right now. There is currently a 7-day average of more than 349,000 new daily cases.* However, it is possible that many cases are not being reported.

We are aware that the areas around our projects are affected, though project staff are doing their best to keep community members safe and supported.

During this crisis, poor families are the most at risk as they cannot afford private health care and must rely on the overburdened, undersupplied public health system. They are also hard hit by the economic shock, with many struggling to afford food when they are suddenly unable to work.

COVID Relief Packs

Your donation can help provide a Relief Pack that could include items such as rice, oil, dhal, soya, nutrition powder, vermicelli, sugar, other foods, bottles of sanitiser, reusable masks, disinfectant, soaps and a flyer on hygiene and social distancing. The rations will meet the food needs for a family for two to three weeks. Relief Packs will be distributed once it is safe to do so.

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*Stats as of 30 April 2021 via Link 1 and Link 2.