Urgent Hygiene Appeal

This urgent crisis requires an urgent response.

And YOU can help!

Credit: Vineyard of His Grace Ministries, Philippines
Description: Boy wearing mask for protection in the Philippines
Credit: Human Development and Community Services (HDCS), Nepal
Description: Handwashing station in Nepal
Credit: INA
Description: Soap made in Ghana

Credit: INA
Description: Handwashing training in Nepal

COVID-19 is posing a great risk to the whole world.

If we, in such a privileged country, feel scared and uncertain, one can imagine what it is like for those who already live below the poverty line and have poor sanitation and lack proper hygiene skills and resources.

If the virus reaches remote communities where healthcare is scarce or non-existent, the consequences would be dire. Vulnerable communities are heavily impacted by this crisis because of poor access to quality healthcare and the inability to work for a wage due to current restrictions.

YOUR urgent response can provide immediate relief for suffering families through vital items such as handwashing stations, soap and sanitiser, handwashing training, personal protective gear (PPE), food assistance and medications.

Your generosity will provide assistance to high priority groups like women’s groups, farmer’s groups, female-lead households, households of people with a disability, families with vulnerable children, healthcare providers and schools across eight countries where INA and our partners work. 

Please help curb the spread and protect the most vulnerable in the countries where we serve. 


Please Donate Now*.

*Your donation will support this urgent response. If this response project becomes oversubscribed, donations will be directed recovery and rehabilitation projects.