Free Healthcare For Financially Struggling Individuals Like Kalpana

December 17, 2021

By Anna Roberts, university intern with INA

As of late October 2021, there have been more than 811,000 cases of COVID-19 in Nepal. Across Nepal, people are having to overcome the effects of a strained economy, a scarcity of resources and extreme unemployment that has only been worsened by COVID-19’s ongoing presence.

Unfortunately, those impacted the worst are marginalised communities, and those living in poverty, finding themselves unable to access and afford the critical health services they so desperately need.

But, as a result of your generosity, INA and partner Human Development and Community Services have been able to provide free healthcare services, quality hospital care and treatment to the patients of Chaurjahari Hospital – without worrying about the extra financial burden.

One such patient is Kalpana. Kalpana is a 28-year-old woman who came to need medical attention after falling from a tree whilst collecting plants and leaves for her cattle. Her husband returned from work in India after hearing about Kalpana’s injury, but due to his loss of work, and the expenses of this sudden travel, Kalpana and her husband sought only basic healthcare from local doctors as their current financial situation was extremely poor. Kalpana was then referred to Chaurjahari Hospital after her lower-back injuries were found to be more severe than initially estimated. In a desperate effort to ensure that his wife received better treatment – after seeing the severity of Kalpana’s wounds and her struggle to move the lower part of her body – Kalpana’s husband borrowed money from his neighbours to get her to Chaurjahari Hospital.

Doctors then decided Kalpana needed an extended hospital stay, daily care and treatment, and medicine. But this only added to the considerable distress the family was already experiencing for Kalpana’s health and the growing debt and financial strain caused by her medical expenses. Upon realising the family’s economic hardship, doctors provided free food and treatment for Kalpana’s entire hospital stay!

Kalpana has since regained pain-free mobility in her lower body, and her wound is on track to being completely healed.

Kalpana has expressed nothing but gratitude for the help and care she received at Chaurjahari Hospital, and has spoken of her growing hopes for the future and her new lease on life. All of which has only been possible thanks to the ongoing kindness from all of those that support INA’s work.

For those struggling like Kalpana, free healthcare means they can return to their lives sooner and healthier, and work to build better lives and futures for themselves and their families.

Asmita thrives in the WALI project
Kalpana was able to receive free healthcare because of the generous support of partner, Human Development and Community Services.

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