Every bit counts when it comes to bringing hope and encouragement to those who have so very little. Such is the case with our work in Uganda. For farming families in Uganda, a seed is where opportunity starts; the ability to grow more food on their land creates many opportunities for families, like sending their children to school. Like a seed, a child’s education represents all the opportunity and potential in the world.
All it needs is the care and nurture that you can help bring. Please consider making a generous donation today.

I recently heard the story of a family in Uganda who are a wonderful example of how the tiniest seed of hope can blossom into a full harvest. Let me share it with you. Rosemary is a farmer and mother who knows first-hand how a bit of help with her farm from INA’s partner in Uganda can dramatically change a life. Rosemary and Wallace have their own children, but have also taken on caring for their nephew and niece, Patrick and Brenda. Unfortunately, Patrick and Brenda’s parents are both physically disabled and are unable to work to support themselves or their children.

Extending the family by two was a huge demand on Rosemary and Wallace’s resources. Wallace works in a sugar factory, however, the pay is low and the work is irregular, so the family relies on Rosemary to farm their 3-acre plot. But life remains a struggle. Because of the family’s situation, our partner, IN Uganda, identified Patrick and Brenda as eligible for support through our ChildLink program.

This first seed of hope had been planted.

ChildLink opened the door for dramatic change in the family. Through the ChildLink program, Rosemary was told about the help available through INA’s Income Enhancement for Farmers (IEF) program. This program helped her improve her farming practices which in turn increased her yields so she could provide nutritious food for all of her extended family.

“My life is so different now. I used to be worried about having enough
food for my family, but now our children are no longer hungry.” - Rosemary

Through the program Rosemary was loaned 700,000 Ugandan Shillings (that’s about $245 Australian Dollars).
This loan turned their lives around! She received training in improved farming practices so that she learnt how best to plant the seed, manage her land and increase the harvest. Rosemary was able to buy quality maize seed, which she then planted on the 3-acres of land. The harvest of 3000kg of maize was more than she had ever dreamt possible!

Wisely, she used the money from selling her harvest to pay off the loan, buy a heifer, and most importantly, send her children to school. While her children start the amazing journey of discovery that only school can bring, Rosemary hopes the heifer will boost her family’s income through the sale of milk, and also contribute to a good, nutritious diet for her family.

We need your help today.

With your urgent and generous assistance, the good news story of how ChildLink has assisted Rosemary and her family can be replicated with other families in desperate need. Taking on a new or additional ChildLink, or making a donation today can help struggling families.

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For example, $110 can provide a farmer like Rosemary with improved drought resistant maize seeds, banana suckers and organic fertilisers. This brings in more money, which improves nutrition and gives more children a chance for an education.

Here’s how you can make your donation go so much further.

The good news is it’s easy to help improve lives like Rosemary’s by including a donation on the response coupon on the next page. Every donation you make will be combined with funding from the Australian government to reach more people. We have committed to contribute $1 for every $5 we receive from the Australian government. This means your donation will allow us to extend our program!

Rosemary continues to learn with assistance through INA’s Income Enhancement for Farmers program and save money.
The children are doing well in school and their worries over food are a thing of the past. The future looks bright.


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Our partners and those we assist, depend on the generous spirit of our Australian donors.

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And at this time of the year your donation goes so much further for both of us. We all have our own financial difficulties and yet we live in one of the wealthiest countries and are deeply appreciative of your own sacrifice to help others who have even less. We value your generosity and assure you that your donation will be used to bring hope and a pathway out of poverty for families in Uganda.