Diginish, lost her leg trying for a better life

Diginish’s Story - The Tragedy

Diginish is one of eight children of very poor parents who could barely feed all. She wanted to break the yoke of poverty and went to the capital city in search of a better life. While there she met with a terrible accident and had her leg amputated. Imagine hearing your mother say these words, “It would have been better if you died in that accident than staying at home in this way.” Dignish felt depressed because she was a burden on the family and community

Diginish’s Story - The Triumph

BBBC, INA’s partner in Shurmo Ethiopia succeeded in changing attitudes about disability in the community giving young women and men like Diginish hope and the opportunity to better themselves. Diginish believed that “Poverty should not be a life sentence”. She and some friends started selling clean water and having a shower kiosk at a reasonable price. Dignish was an entrepreneur and grew her business to include a clothes washing business. The next stage was opening a coffee shop and a Shurmo version of a milk bar.

Dignish is a young woman with a mission and an inspiration to others like her. All thanks to her determination to survive and the on-going support coming to her and her friends through the generosity of INA supporters and our partners BBBC.

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