Jessica's Nepal Trip

Jessica has been inspired both by her faith and mother’s volunteer and charitable work in Nepal to volunteer herself for a month at the mission hospital in Chaujoahri whose outreach programme is supported and funded by INA through DFAT and private funding. Jessica is training to be a midwife and will be finishing this November.

Jessica is passionate about women’s health, particularly the empowerment of women though education in pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

“Speaking with women not only allows me to impart my knowledge of maternal health but allows the woman to share her cultural, social and spiritual values with me - strong communities need strong families and strong families need strong mothers.”

Jessica along with her husband Adrian (who is studying to be a nurse and also finishing his studies in November) are travelling to Nepal in December this year along with their three sons Beau, Joseph and Jacob where they will be volunteering at the Chaujohari Mission Hospital.

Please sponsor their journeying with INA in what will be a life enriching experience for the whole Crabtree family (the Crabtree Family are funding their own travel and costs on this trip - all donations received will be used to support the work of INA).