The Kivuli Project

The Kivuli Project is committed to following Jesus Christ’s example by showing practical love to the people of Ndaragwa in Central Kenya. Kivuli has a holistic approach, partnering with people in their locality and empowering them to use their gifts and talents to the full. This is done through four main areas of operation:

The Kivuli Children’s Home

Working closely with the Kenyan Children’s Department, this home is for orphans and vulnerable children who have no able or willing family members to care for them. The home is dedicated to providing a Kenyan family-like environment for the children in its care. Through child sponsorship, all primary and secondary aged children are able to attend public schools with local children, maintaining a connection with the Kenyan way of life.

Home-based Care Program

Where material poverty is the sole reason a child cannot live at home with their relatives, Kivuli works with the heads of the household to generate enough regular income for the family to stay together. Through child sponsorship, the children in this program are educated without having to leave their family homes. 

Community Development

The Kivuli Project works with members of the local community on various development programs and projects. These projects address some of the key issues that result in orphans and vulnerable children being in need of care and protection.

Business Development

The Kivuli Project is implementing various income-generating businesses in Kenya for the long-term sustainability of the project. This also assists the local economy by providing additional services and employment opportunities.

Poverty is debilitating and the poor can feel powerless. Through its work, The Kivuli Project aims to see people transformed, to know their worth and as a result be able to provide their families with all the basic necessities of life – food, water, health-care, shelter, education and importantly, to experience joy.

The Kivuli Project Inc is working in alliance with International Needs Australia.