NILIMA'S Story - The Tragedy

As we prepare to celebrate the gift of our Saviour, we reflect that the birth of a baby should be a most precious time. But in Nepal, 82% of all deaths among children under 5 take place before the first birthday, with 54% occurring during the first month of life. Most of these deaths are easily preventable. Though alarming, these statistics only really take on their true meaning
when we see the suffering of remarkable people like Nilima.

Meet Nilima


Nilima* is a Female Community Health Volunteer in Nepal and she has witnessed too many newborns failing to survive their first month of life. With sadness in her eyes, Nilima shared about a woman who went into labour in her remote mountainous village. Nilima walked with her towards the nearest birthing centre but after several hours the woman could go no further, delivering on the roadside. Sadly, exposed to the cold and without proper care, the newborn baby died. Nilima wants to see an end to such needless suffering and death: This is why Nilima, and others like her, is now working with INA and our partners to bring about the simple changes needed to save the lives of mothers and babies in Nepal.

“If the village had a stretcher and if I had better knowledge of newborn care, this outcome would have been different.”

As we soon remember another mother, more than 2000 years ago,
outcast and rejected by the world, we invite you to be a part of this life-giving work.

For $50 you can equip a skilled attendant to safely deliver a newborn.
For $100 you can ensure a stretcher is available to carry a labouring woman to a birthing centre.
For $500 you can train 20 Female Community Health Volunteers in safe birthing and neo-natal care.