Christmas appeal 2020

This has been quite the year! We at INA thank you for walking with us through it all.

After the dark, light is sure to follow. After a famine, surely there will be a bountiful harvest!

And a bountiful harvest is just what we want for farmers and their families in Uganda.

INA’s Agri-Business for Community Development (ABCD) project identifies vulnerable women and men that would benefit from livelihood training to become a farmer.

Through the ABCD project, women and men learn a sustainable livelihood that not only provides nutritious food for their families, but an income that can be used to meet their basic needs and provide an education for children.

Your generous donation this Christmas can put families on the path out of poverty!

Plus, your donation will be DOUBLED through the INA Givers Fund, up to the value of $15,000.

And MULTIPLIED by attracting a $5 contribution for every $1 you donate, thanks to the Australian Government’s ANCP grant.

Your DOUBLED gift helps a man like Peter to DOUBLE his harvest.

With a loan from ABCD, Peter could afford fertiliser for his small coffee field.

This, plus the new skills he was taught through the project, helped him to produce more than DOUBLE the harvest!

Now he is growing sugarcane and bananas as well. His savings has increased nearly FOUR TIMES, and he can meet the educational and nutritional needs of his children and family.

Your gift this Christmas will be DOUBLED, thanks to the INA Givers Fund!

Your MULTIPLIED gift helps Robinah to MULTIPLY her income.

Robinah attended ABCD training sessions on improved farming practices for crops, birds and animals.

She received a loan to feed her chickens, and now can collect six trays of eggs every day. She also diversified into growing maize and raising heifers.

Robinah can sell the excess eggs for an income, which has been MULTIPLIED BY THREE! She can afford nutritious food for her family every day, and does not have to fear her children dropping out of school.

Your gift this Christmas will be MULTIPLIED, thanks to the ANCP grant!

Your donation to this project in Uganda will be leveraged by the 1:5 DFAT (ANCP) match, up to the value of the grant.

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