Transforming the Lives of Children

ChildLink is a program which ensures parents and communities are empowered to protect children from all forms of abuse and provide all possible opportunities for quality education, good health and values to grow into adulthood and as future leaders. For $42 a month, your generous monthly donation will link you to a child and community in need.

We see three things clearly at INA:

  1. Vulnerable kids around the world suffer terribly; 
  2. Kids that are well cared for have incredible potential to survive and thrive;
  3. Even the little we have to offer can create enormous improvements in the lives of kids.

The Good News

ChildLink is our child well-being program that targets kids at risk.

Sponsoring children in most people’s minds means giving money to a particular child in need. Sadly, there are problems with this way of giving. For example, the child can be viewed by their community in which they live as ‘special’ or ‘privileged’ – or even as the ‘money child.’ This can lead to tensions, envy and discontent within the very community you are seeking to help.

Our model is different.

You link to a child, but we will ensure that the funds you give are used to help not just the child, but his/her parents and community. This means that the benefits are fairer and more widespread. The child’s peers, friends, family and the whole community will benefit. This means better education, better health and a better childhood for more people. It just makes better sense.

“What I am now is a product of the tutorial sessions & youth camps. I discovered something about myself. I believe I become a better person and that makes me believe that the world becomes better too”.

Christine, former Linked child, Philippines

How it Works

Your commitment gives the child you are linked to, their parents and their community:

  • Access to a good quality education;
  • Access to health services;
  • Family and community counselling support services;
  • Help for families in generating and managing income so that they can better provide for their own children and other household needs;
  • Empowerment to protect and educate children;
  • Advocacy for the rights of children (including the prevention of sexual slavery, abuse, exploitation and child marriages);
  • Allowing children to be children – to play and enjoy a life free from hunger, exploitation and abuse..

You Receive

  • A profile and photograph of the child you are Linked with to keep and treasure;
  • The opportunity to communicate with the child you are Linked to through letter writing;
  • The chance to encourage and pray for the child you are Linked to;
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are improving the lives of children in real, practical and meaningful ways.

Regular Giving Works

Regular giving to ChildLink is a powerful way to fight poverty. Your regular gift provides stability, resourcing and opportunities for investment.

How you can help.


Many supporters have told us that making a regular monthly donation to ChildLink is more rewarding to them than making a one-off donation. They feel more involved and they better understand the issues facing poorer communities in developing countries. The more you aid us with your financial support, the more we have the ability to help children in need. So we invite you to get involved with us. Commit to a monthly gift for a child through the ChildLink program, or make a one-time donation to Kids’ issues, or bring your account up to date if you are you are already a regular donor by catching up on the missed payments. Either way you’ll be helping kids in need!