CEO Pri Fernando Says Goodbye to INA…

30th April 2020
Pri’s Farewell Message to INA supporters: 

Dear Friends and Supporters of INA,

I was privileged to take over the leadership of INA on the 8th of April 2015. At the time, I promised 5 years to the Board Chair, as I personally believe any organisation’s leadership level needs new blood and new thinking after that period. Those 5 years are up, and it is time for me to make room for the next generation of INA leadership.

It has been a very fulfilling period in my life amidst the challenges that most NGOs have been facing since the Global Financial Crisis and other economic and natural disasters. Most of all, I can very proudly reiterate the excellent work of our partners on the ground in delivering our collective mission. Only the lack of revenue growth inhibits them expanding their reach in demonstrating Christ’s unconditional love for the poorest.

The mission on the ground is only possible due to your loyalty, commitment, and the resulting generosity even when times may have been difficult in our own lives. For this, I am humbly grateful to all of you, and pray God will continue to bless you and your loved ones abundantly – especially protecting all during this terrible global pandemic. Our prayers are with you as we continue to journey together in His name for His people.


My last day of service is the 30th of April. I have been richly blessed to get to know some of you personally and others through my communications and your valuable feedback from time to time. I thank all those who have shown me great hospitality whenever I visited you or even stayed with you. The fellowship we have shared will never be forgotten. Since I am retiring, I will remain as a Strategic Advisor to INA as needed, and when my services are called upon by the Board or the next CEO.

Given the current situation, the Board has had to come up with interim plans until things settle back to some form of normalcy. Please see the memo on the other side from Board Chair Ian Curtis that sets out the interim arrangements. I trust that you will continue to strengthen your commitment to INA in walking this journey together “to create a just world where all people are treated equally to reach their God given potential”.


Thank you and may God bless you and your loved ones.


Pri Fernando

Board Chair Ian’s Message about Pri’s Retirement


Dear Friends,


As you will have seen in the letter from INA CEO, Pri Fernando, Pri has decided it is time to retire and enter into that wonderful season of life known as ‘retirement’. Pri has been our CEO for five years, and we are so grateful for all she has done for INA, donors, partners, and beneficiaries during that time.

Her faith in God, her long experience in the sector, and her passionate commitment for the poor and under-privileged has made her time with INA incredibly valuable, and she has left a legacy that will roll on through coming years.


Pri will finish up on April 30th. Pri, we wish you every good thing for the future and pray God’s blessing on you as you step down from the day-to-day demands of leadership and discover the next chapter in your pilgrimage. Thank you for all you have done! We will miss you.
Given the uncertain nature of our times, the Board has decided not to move forward with the appointment of a permanent replacement of CEO at this time. Instead, we have asked our CFO, Pam Winstanley, to act as interim CEO until we feel the time is right to again consider the type of person that is adequate for these days. Pam knows the organisation very well, has the full confidence of the Board, and will have the full support of the Board as she undertakes

this additional responsibility. Pam will assume this role on May 1st, 2020.


Friends, your faithfulness as donors in these tumultuous times is both greatly appreciated and even more needed. We are in a good financial position and will be able to both maintain all our current staff and meet our commitments to our partners in the field as a result of your ongoing faithfulness and commitment to INA. However, our partners in the field are dealing with project populations that do not have the sorts of welfare nets that we do and, where appropriate, we will endeavour to help them with any extra requests they may have.


Thank you for all you are doing.


Every blessing!

Ian Curtis

Chair, INA Board

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