Catherine’s Myanmar Blog – Blog Three

May 5, 2020

Hello and welcome to my third and final blog! My name is Catherine, INA’s Programs and Compliance Officer. I’ve been documenting my time spent in INA’s projects in Myanmar. If you haven’t read my previous two blogs you can do so here and here. Please also note that I traveled to Myanmar in early March, before travel restrictions had been implemented due to COVID-19.

This final blog includes more information about designing the next phase of the project and the types of compliance and project management measures our partner organisations do to keep the projects, and your investments, on track. It may seem a little dry at first, but I think it’s really important you know just how rigorous INA is with our project design process and compliance measures.

Friday 13th of March: Taungoo office

On Friday we planned for project phase two, and discussed the strengths of current project model and areas for improvement. We mapped out project objectives and activities using a planning tool called Logical Framework, did a stakeholder mapping exercise looking at key actors relevant to our project, and also planned for the development of a project proposal, Monitoring and Evaluation plan, budget, risk plan and activity plan.

We also discussed moving into new villages with our project. We spoke about introductions and capacity building of Community Based Organisations in new villages, formation of child groups in new villages and exposure/exchange opportunities for current village child champions and leaders to share their knowledge and support new village groups.

Saturday 14th – Sunday 15th March

Spent time resting from a busy week.

Monday 16th March: Yangon Office

My activities included meeting with the Finance team to go through the systems checklist, meeting with the Director and Program Manager to discuss KWEG programs strategy; current areas of work, potential interest areas for expansion, meeting with the Management team to review and update the partner capacity strengthening plan, and finalising the Terms of Reference for our end of Project Evaluation to be done in May/June. Here’s a photo of me and the KWEG team below.


And that’s the end of my activities in Myanmar. Thank you for all for reading my blogs, I hope you feel you’ve learnt more about our work in-country and the types of compliance measures our partners do with us. They work extremely hard and it’s great to not only see the work up close, but also report it back to you.

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