Give a blessing Gift Catalogue

A gift from this Catalogue turns your generosity into many blessings!

What is the Gift Catalogue?

The Give A Blessing Gift Catalogue is made up of items from various projects supported by Australians through International Needs Australia. For example: An animal husbandry project provides credit to families in the form of animals such as pigs, goats, chickens and cows. The families breed the animals and then pay back 1 or 2 of the offspring which then is used to perpetuate the project. The families keeps the original and any further offspring to improve their livelihood. From a project such as this, the Catalogue may offer a piglet. When you purchase that Catalogue item, the donation is used to support the project. What you receive from purchasing a Catalogue item is a card that you can keep or pass on to a friend or loved one. In this way you are not only blessing those close to you but the poor and underprivileged around the world.

How does the Gift Catalogue work?
  1. Select the Catalogue item or items you with to purchase by choosing “Add to Order”
  2. To finalise your gifts, choose “Checkout”
  3. You will be sent a thank you card featuring the item or items your selected. This can be kept as a reminder for yourself, or given to a loved one a a donation on their behalf.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be helping and supporting people in developing countries. Thank you for your generosity!

If I purchase a chicken, am I really purchasing a chicken?
Ultimately the answer is yes. However your donation may not directly purchase a chicken.

When you select an item from the Give A Blessing Gift Catalogue, you are supporting the associated project.

If you select a gift of chickens, you will be supporting an animal husbandry/livelihood project that supplies chickens to underprivileged families. Consequently, you are supporting the purchase, provision and support of the chickens in the project.

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