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Pandemic Campaign

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us, directly or indirectly.

We are each faced with our own physical and mental challenges during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our own hardships, and the hardships faced by those we love, should not be minimalised.

But our brothers and sisters in developing countries are faced with an intense level of hardship that we can directly address by donating to INA’s Pandemic Campaign.


Your donation* will support the physical and mental health of vulnerable people like Padam and John Kenneth (read their stories below). Your gift will go where the need is the greatest, unless specified in the Comments.

Please give today.

Padam Delayed Life-Saving COVID Care Because He Had No Money

“I was very scared for I was unable to breathe normally. I was suffocating and was extremely scared. I felt like I was going to die. I felt hopeless and useless for not being able to do anything. I was very traumatised and anxious.

“Being the father of the household, a breadwinner for my family, I was not able to provide. I felt being a burden and putting them in trouble for we are not financially sound. The feeling was heavy and it was hard for me to cope.”

Padam is a 39-year-old farmer and family man from Nepal.

When Padam was checked at Chaurjahari Hospital, his oxygen level was 70 (normal is 95 plus) and he complained of fever, body aches, chest pain and respiratory distress.

He tested COVID-19 positive, and was admitted to the isolation ward, where he spent the next 10 days on oxygen support… with no improvement.

Padam’s financial situation was poor, so he went untested while his condition worsened. He also did not seek medical attention for fear of not being able to afford treatment. Breadwinners like Padam fall further into poverty when they are unable to work or provide for their families.

Fortunately, the doctors and nurses at the hospital visited him daily and encouraged him with positivity. He received excellent medical and emotional care… and he began to get better.

After 14 days, Padam had improved, did not need further oxygen and was ready to head home. It cost nearly $2,500 (NPR 210,000) to treat Padam, yet he received it for free.

your donation helps ina support people like padam with their physical health during the pandemic.

John Kenneth Thought He Was the Only One

“During the community lockdown that started last March 2020, I felt very anxious and weary that I couldn’t go out of our house and felt I can’t express what I feel because of lack of interaction with the people I usually spend my time with.”

John Kenneth is a 16-year-old Grade 10 student in the Philippines.

He found lockdown to be very difficult on his health. Physically, he gained weight and experienced shortness of breath. Mentally, he experienced extreme anxiety and loneliness.

Fortunately, INA’s Philippines partner, Vineyard, arranged four sessions in Mental Health Awareness. John Kenneth discovered there were many other young people that were feeling the same way.

This became John Kenneth’s motivation to carry on.

“I grow in my faith and had consistent devotion to God. I knew better my family and became closer to them. My perspective in life has been more broad despite getting stuck in my place. I had a more positive outlook now.”

Your gift helps INA Support people like john kenneth with their mental health during lockdown.