Christmas Appeal 2021

To believe in those like Gertrude, and help them rise out of poverty
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campaign summary

As Christmas gets closer and closer, we can feel challenged, yet encouraged in one area.

There’s something about Christmas to make us ponder what we believe in. At this time of year, we can feel reaffirmed in our belief that Jesus came to save us, be our friend and that He calls us to continue His works.

Will you also believe in INA’s projects and in-country partners, and what can be achieved together?

Will you believe in Gertrude?


Your donation will help support vulnerable people to rise out of poverty!

And, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the INA Givers Fund… up to $16,000! That means every dollar you give goes even further towards helping vulnerable children, women, men and communities.

Give today, before all of the Givers Fund matching funds are committed!

Your belief in Gertrude turned into belief in herself

When Gertrude was very young, her father died, leaving behind his family and a small property. Her mother was left to raise Gertrude all alone and she experienced many times where her mother struggled to make ends meet.

Sadly, Gertrude witnessed her own uncle being verbally abusive and exploitative towards her mother because his main interest was to take over her late father’s land.

Gertrude was frequently sick, deprived of her basic needs and oppressed by relatives as she grew up in poverty.

Gertrude believed she could be someone to cause positive change in her community… and help the many vulnerable children and community members around her.

Then, she became supported through Uganda’s International Needs Child Assistance Program, or INCAP, and was able to enroll in a sponsored project school. Her education “laid a good foundation for her to nurture and develop her dream of becoming a person who would make a meaningful contribution towards changing the lives of many,” according to project staff.

Schooling lifted her confidence and determination to not just believe in her dream, but to achieve it.

Will you believe in Gertrude, and the many children, women, men and communities who need the chance to believe in a life no longer limited by poverty?

Please give today.