2020 Basic Needs Appeal

Children and families in India are struggling to have their basic needs met during the COVID-19 pandemic.

YOUR help is needed now!

Shirin leads ACTS, INA's India partner.

Credit: INA
Description: Shirin from ACTS is appealing to you for help in Allahabad.

Today, India is hurting. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases is over 2.2 million and deaths have soared past 45,000.

INA’s India partner, ACTS, is trying to help families in their project area of Allahabad. This is how they are currently being affected:

  • The unemployment of bread earners has caused a loss of income for families, and they are struggling to feed themselves.
  • There are increases to domestic discord, arguments and suicide rates.
  • Hospital beds are hard to find for non-COVID patients.
  • Schools are shut, and children are bored and missing school and friends.

A little bit could go a long way right now. 

Please, will you lift up children, families and villages in desperate need? To help them meet their basic needs and ease their suffering a little?

YOUR generosity could provide practical items such as:

Food packages (including grains)


Food packages are vital for feeding families.

Credit: ACTS, India
Description: Food packages are vital.

Toiletries (including sanitisers and medication)
Women are encouraged to continue their craft where possible.

Credit: ACTS, India
Description: Women cutting fabric to continue their livelihoods.

Other basic needs (as needed)


Health meetings help raise awareness about COVID-19 and hygiene practices.

Credit: ACTS, India
Description: Health meetings help disseminate important information.

*Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. If more money is raised than required for this project, funds will be allocated to similar projects.

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