Asmita’s Radishes Helped Her Thrive

August 2, 2021

By Tracy Linhardt (recent INA intern)

With Western Rukum in Nepal having nearly half of its population living in poverty, sanitation and hygiene are major issues. In order to combat this, INA’s SHE-supported WALI program aids in improving the livelihoods of women in this area as well as increasing access to water, sanitation products and training for agriculture and livestock.

With the help of amazing SHE donors, we see women like Asmita thrive and provide for their families in ways they couldn’t before, showing that the impacts in the SHE-supported WALI project are profound and can greatly improve the lifestyles of those who take part.

Living in a family of five and her husband working overseas, Asmita works hard to support her family. Cultivating different vegetables in her fields like garlic, potatoes and onions, Asmita joined a Saving and Loan Group to further her skills.

Asmita and many others were able to undergo training and now have an increased ability to farm their lands. With her crops of radishes flourishing, she can maximise her income, support her family and have her husband remain at home.

Asmita thrives in the WALI project

Asmita grows radishes, garlic, potatoes and onions, thanks to her participation in the WALI project in remote Nepal.

Asmita is an amazing woman and is an example of how education and training can improve livelihoods. The countless number of lives improved are growing constantly due to the generosity of SHE donors that allow us to continue our work.

To support women like Asmita or programs like WALI, check out SHE.


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