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It’s the time of year where we normally celebrate Linked children, sending them a card of well wishes, and helping them celebrate.

Sadly, this is not a normal year, and this is not possible for most.

Children, including your Linked child, are fearful and anxious at this time. Just read Muskan’s story below to sense a little of what some are experiencing.
They need something to cheer them up… and YOU can help!


When you provide a Cheer-Me-Up, you’ll be spreading a little cheer to light up the darkness.

A Cheer-Me-Up looks different in each ChildLink program and country, depending on the local context and what programs feel is best for the children.

They’ll no doubt feel cheerful when you give $39 or more today!

Please give today.

Muskan Was Fearful In Lockdown

Muskan very nearly got pulled out of school after year seven. One of three girls and five boys in her family, her father had no interest in educating his daughters – even though Muskan lived with her maternal grandmother while both of her parents worked as labourers in another town.

Thankfully, teachers intervened and convinced Muskan’s father to let her attend the village educational centre, thanks to ChildLink support. She loved her studies and was a happy 14-year-old.

But during lockdown, the situation was grim. Muskan had never seen such a difficult time and she and her siblings were constantly worried for their parents,
whom they had no contact with. While her teachers maintained contact by phone and advised her on how to remain safe, Muskan was fearful.

Muskan said that COVID-19 had become like a spread of darkness in their lives, and they prayed to be freed from fear, and that her community would once again experience love and joy.

Muskan, and her fellow students could use some cheer to replace their fear. A $39 or more Cheer-Me-Up from you will help them experience the love and joy they are craving.