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We Support the SELD project in Ethiopia

Shurmo Education and Livelihood Development project (SELD), operating in the Shurmo District of Ethiopia, is improving the lives of vulnerable children, women and their families. INA, through their partner BBBC, is expanding the knowledge and income-generating capacities of widowed mothers and other Self-Help group members. Production and productivity of farmers is increasing, children have greater access to quality education, and teachers, staff and students can learn safely, and with adequate supplies.

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Ayelech & HER family
Ayelech is the widowed mother to seven children. She and her family live in the Shurmo area and she is an active member of her local Self – Help Group. Ayelech’s small amount of farmland is simply not enough to sustain her family’s basic needs. By joining the Self-Help Group, Ayelech received training on different business development opportunities. She gained knowledge and awareness on new business concepts and activities. Through the Self-Help Group, Ayelech was able to borrow funds and began to save. With this money, Ayelech was able to increase her harvest up to 1,200kgs! Ayelech was lifted when she joined a Self-Help group and so was her family with the additional income she was able to earn.  
Mulatu & Belaynesh
Mulatu and Belaynesh are married with 8 children. Mulatu is a farmer, but didn’t have enough farmland to earn an appropriate income. Without this income, the family could not afford food, medication, clothes or school supplies. This meant that Mulatu and Belaynesh’s vulnerable family lived in poor conditions and in poverty.   Through the Self-Help Group and through training received on business development and various income-generating activities, the family was able to borrow money and begin to save. Belaynesh was enabled to purchase consumable products from a nearby town and sell them in Shurmo. Mulatu began raising hens and fattening sheep. Their family is now able to earn a sustainable income and are self-reliant and self-sufficient! They can even afford to supply their children’s basic needs, and are even members of community-based health insurance.   Mulatu said “Before we were supported by the project, we were living in a difficult situation. Borrowing from the rich persons was difficult. Now I and my family are happy. We are able to supply the agriculture inputs, we are able to feed our children, we are able to send all our children to school, thanks to our supporters!”   Mulatu and Belaynesh were lifted when they were training and empowered to earn their own income. Their children are lifted by up staying in school and receiving a quality education.  
Lendaye & Medanit
Nurebo and Lendaye have seven children. Their family lived in poverty and in very poor conditions. Lendaye was a housewife and unable to provide an income & two of the eldest boys quit school to search for daily labour roles to earn a wage to help support their family. Then, one of her daughters named Medanit joined the ChildLink program as part of the SELD project. ChildLink is a child wellbeing program that links vulnerable, at-risk children with supporters in an ongoing way. Children are supported in education, health and values and their parents and communities are empowered through training and teaching awareness on child protection. Now, Medanit’s family has access to new opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and have received improved sheep and seeds. They are becoming self-sufficient and more economically stable! Lendaye said, “Really, I have no words to say about this project. I am equally treated with other persons and able to participate on trainings and  discussions. I am a member of Self-Help Group and benefitting from it in many ways… Now I am happy to have money. I am not asking my husband and children for everything.”   Lendaye and Nurebo, Medanit and their other children were lifted when they were included in the ChildLink program.  

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